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Founded in 1985, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) is a nonprofit organization committed to America's health and wellbeing. Over the past 30 years, we have become an established resource for health and fitness professionals, and the public, providing comprehensive, unbiased research and validating ourselves as the country's trusted authority on health and fitness.

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Fees charged for taking certification examinations. Other expenses include exam development costs and item writing meetings.-educational materials and training manuals: publishing and selling various educational and training manuals for exercise professionals, and related shipping and handling.-continuing education fees: fees received for online and in person educational workshops and processing fees for continuing education quizzes.


- instructor renewal fees are received from existing professionals that renew their certification for an additional two year period.- other programs include membership fees. Continuing education provider list (list of companies, instructors, etc. That have qualified under guidelines set by foundation & advisory board to provide continuing education for instructors and educational training classes).


Ace continues to provide the public with science-based information to educate and encourage people from all walks of life to achieve sustainable health change. Working alongside others to expand commitment to physical activity, ace remains committed to educating fitness professionals and related wellness experts on safe and effective physical activity, and ensuring people have access to well qualified fitness professionals and health coaches. In 2018, we commissioned several research studies from university departments, and worked to enhance partnerships that focus on getting people and communities moving. We also worked to advocate for physical activity and bring attention to our online resources dedicated to delivering unbiased health and fitness information to help people get active, establish healthy behaviors, and live their most fit lives.engagement: in 2018, ace stayed committed to education professionals through a robust content strategy on that brought and 6,636,724 new unique website visitors this year. Ace also continued to enhance engagement on social media by increasing the number of followers and introducing new, engaging content like videos, infographics, and live chats with ace experts to reach and educate as broadly as possible. Ace currently has over 408, 801 followers across 5 different social media sources dedicated to educating professionals and the public.- research: in 2018, ace continued to protect the public by bringing sound science to health and fitness trends through a series of ace-sponsored research studies conducted independently by researchers in universities across the u.s.a. Studies evaluated and published popular trends such as the effect of wearing hoka shoes on running speed and mechanics, impact of active vs. Passive recovery on exercise performance, comparison of the talk test and percent heart-rate reserve, hiit resistance exercise vs. Traditional resistance training, effects of cold water immersion on recovery and exercise performance, acute cardiovascular and metabolic responses to gliding, aqua cycling vs. Land cycling, comparison of ten exercise modalities, krav maga, accuracy of predicted vs. Actual maximal heart rate, do younger people get fit faster, how fast does fitness fade, acute and chronic responses to exercise with the high octane ride, and improved cardiometabolic health with reduced sitting time.partnerships: this year, ace continued to identify and work with like-minded organizations from across the country to expand awareness of the benefits of physical activity and capacity of our profession. Both are essential goals to move toward the world we envision in which obesity and other preventable lifestyle diseases are on the decline. To increase efforts and capacity in this area, ace formed a dedicated initiative, community investment and engagement to get communities moving, with a focus on those demonstrating a particular need for physical activity resources and expertise. In 2018, ace again partnered with the active rva fitness warrior program of sportsbackers in richmond, va. The fitness warrior program trains members of the community with talent, passion, and potential to be professional fitness instructors for richmond's communities with the highest rates of chronic disease. Ace provided the fitness warriors with community empowerment scholarships, which included an ace study program, an exam voucher and intensive instructional guidance to prepare fitness warriors for the ace group fitness instructor exam. Ace also sponsored a scholarship program for attendance at the active rva "movement makers" conference. In a move to illustrate the increasing emphasis on fighting the inactivity epidemic in a variety of settings, ace also continued its partnership with 3 wins fitness, a project carried out through kinesiology students at california state university northridge that offers free, sustainable, replicable fitness classes to community members in parks across the san fernando valley. Ace provided students with community empowerment scholarships, dedicated study assistance, and funding for the 3 wins summit. To demonstrate ace's commitment to supporting environments that support physical activity opportunities, ace partnered with america walks to sponsor the 2017 national walking summit and create fitness programming for attendees. Ace continued to partner with the national senior games association (nsga) to help support physical activity efforts for americans over 50 years of age in attempt to help them lead healthy and active lives through movement. Nsga is a 501 (c)3, non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting health and active lifestyles for athletes age 60 and over, and is a recognized multi-sport organization of the united states olympic committee. Ace continued to support nsga through the wellness portal, content promotion, and also through a collaboration to promote national fall prevention day. To demonstrate the need for clinic-to-community linkages to better the health of americans, ace continued to provide leadership support to a clinic-tocommunity pilot using the local san diego 2-1-1 for behavior change services to overweight and obese children. Ace also served on the conference planning meeting for the 2018 community integrated health conference. Ace also funded and supported a large initiative called the prescription for activity taskforce, a group of 30+ national experts, thought leaders, and lumnaries from healthcare, academia, business, philanthropy, and government who believe that physical activity-based behavior change interventions should be more integral to healthcare. The charge of the task force it to construct a long-term change mpa for clinical and community integration of physical-activity based behavior change interventions for the prevention and treatment of disease.advocacy: engaging with and educating policymakers at municipal, state and federal levels has helped ace convey the importance of structured, supervised physical activity and expansion of the healthcare continuum to include highlyqualified health coaches and fitness professionals. In 2018, ace continued to grow their advocacy presence both within the fitness industry as well as with those adjacent to the industry, such as consumers, like-minded organizations, etc., utilizing both face-to-face and online public efforts. Our message to leaders, the media, professionals, and consumers focused on supporting various policies as well as a new prevention-centered system of care that would help grow and expand opportunities and career paths for the highly-qualified fitness professionals and health coaches that ace represents. By working collaboratively with thought leaders from withinthe fitness industry and from other allied health professions, ace hasbegun to become a much more recognized and sought upon resource onphysical activity.


John Breslin Secretary
John Ellis Chair
Scott Alarcon Treasurer
Scott Goudeseune President & CEO
Shannon Fable Vice Chair
David Nixon Board Member
Deena Margolis Board Member
Fred Hoffman Board Member
Fred Sherman Board Member
Gregory Degnan Board Member
Jenny Lee Board Member
Kelly Gray Board Member
Sandi Gordon Board Member
Ash Hayes Emeritus Historian
Kimberly Wells Emeritus
Alex Mirnezam Chief Financial Officer
Carolann Dekker Chief Marketing Officer
Cedric Bryant Chief Science Officer
Amanda Cass Evp of Finance & Hr
David Fischer VP of Online Business Technology
Graham Melstrand Evp, Engagement
Shane Kinkennon Chief Strategy Officer
Todd Galati Senior Director of Science & Research
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