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The Adventist Development and Relief Agency International is a humanitarian agency operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the purpose of providing individual and community development and disaster relief. It was founded in 1956, and it is headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States of America.

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December 2018
+16% Growth
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Government Grants


Adra international has more than 25 grants and cooperative agreements in over 15 countries. The awards are comprised mainly of food security, health and multi-sector emergency response projects. Food security grants address the causes of food insecurity to vulnerable groups in targeted countries, addressing availability, access and utilization of food. Health projects use a holistic approach and cover a variety of focuses including child health, hiv and aids, family planning and tobacco. Health projects are a guiding factor enabling healthier lifestyle choices.

Development and Relief Projects, Disaster Assistant Funding and Grant Match


Adra international supported projects in over 82 countries. Projects included emergency management of disaster relief and long term recovery. Economic development projects aimed to improve the recipients (both men and women) quality of life. Food security projects include famine relief and short term needs from displacement. Long term projects include the sectors of water, sanitation, hygine, health, nutrition, agriculture, livelihoods and economic growth. This needs are addressed with agricultural projects and training the recipients in various skills. Adra supports basic education in various skills. Adra supports basic education, for both children and adults in literacy and vocational skills. Adra promotes primary health with access, as well as, training for community care.

Donated Materials


Adra supplied forty-two (42) containers of donated materials containing food packets worth over $4.28 million in six (6) countries in 2018.




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Michael Kruger Treasurer /VP for Finance
Imad Madanat VP for Programs
Korey Dowling VP for HR & Leadership Development
Matthew Siliga VP for Marketing & Development
Gt Ng Board Member
Ted Wilson Board Member
German Lust Replaced 10918 Board Member
Petras Bahadue Began 10918 Board Member
Aho Baliki Board Member
Renee Battle-brooks Board Member
Debra Brill Board Member
Mario Brito Board Member
Zenaida Delica-willison Board Member
Sylvana Gittens Board Member
Richard Hart Board Member
Elie Henry Began 10918 Board Member
Daniel Jackson Board Member
Nenad Jepuranovic Board Member
Raafat Kamal Board Member
Mikhail Kaminskiy Board Member
Erton Kohler Board Member
Marguerite Koutouan Board Member
Sung Kwon Board Member
Ezras Larka Board Member
Geir Olave Lisle Board Member
Samuel Lumwe Board Member
Fred Manchur Board Member
Solomon Maphosa Board Member
Rick Mcedward Began 10918 Board Member
Hopekings Ngomba Board Member
Brenda Pereyra Board Member
Scott Reiner Began 10918 Board Member
Blasious Ruguri Board Member
Samuel Saw Board Member
Tim Schroeder Board Member
Sarah Serem Board Member
Lionel Smith Board Member
David Taylor Board Member
John Thomas Board Member
Gary Thurber Board Member
Joel Tompkins Began 10918 Board Member
Filiberto Verduzco Board Member
Elie Weick-dido Board Member
Gerald Winslow Board Member
Norbert Zens Board Member
Seth Bardu Replaced 10918 Board Member
Gilbert Burnham Replaced 10918 Board Member
Israel Leito Replaced 10918 Board Member
Geoffrey Mbwana Board Chair
Ella Simmons Board Vice Chair
Juan Prestol Treasurer/fin. Commiti Chir
Ann Gibson Audit Committee Chair
Jonathan Duffy Board Secretary /president
Edgar Castillo Senior Program Manager
Mark Leroux Network Technology Futurist
David Ackah Director of Sunplus
Nestor Mogollon Director of Monitoring & Evaluation
Emanuel Dacosta Program Manager
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