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Founded in 1940 as the American Red Magen David for Israel (ARMDI), American Friends of Magen David Adom (AFMDA) is the sole authorized fundraising and advocacy organization in the United States supporting the life saving efforts of Magen David Adom (MDA) in Israel and representing MDA in the US in all matters. MDA and its team of trained volunteer and professional medical responders depend on AFMDA support to provide the entire nation's pre-hospital emergency needs, including medical, disaster, ambulance and blood services.


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December 2018
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American friends of magen david adom (afmda) is the u.s.-based fundraising arm of magen david adom - israel's ambulance, paramedic, disaster-relief, and blood-banking organization, as well as the country's affiliate to the international red cross.with more than 14,000 volunteer emts, paramedics, and phlebotomists and 1,800 professionals, magen david adom is israel's largest ngo, treating more than 600,000 sick and injured israelis every year, everyone from people felled by life's everyday occurrences, such as heart attacks and auto accidents, to civilians critically injured in terrorist attacks. In fact, because of the number of terrorist attacks that have occurred in israel since 2000, mda has emerged as the most experienced multi-casualty emergency medical response organization in the world. Mda has pioneered techniques and protocols now being used worldwide, including in the immediate aftermath of the 2013 boston marathon bombing. A number of american emts and homeland security experts had previously received training from mda. The organization additionally collects, tests, and stores more than 97 percent of the blood used in israel for medical procedures, including all the blood used by the israel defense forces.american friends of magen david adom has been there almost since mda's founding, supplying critical financial and infrastructural resources to enable mda to fulfill its mission of saving lives. Each year, afmda directly funds the purchase of 100 new ambulances for israel, accounting for well over half the ambulances in mda's fleet. Afmda has also directly funded the construction of 16 of mda's 124 emergency medical stations, including its flagship station, the william h. Bloomberg mda emergency medical station in jerusalem. By funding construction of these stations, afmda is enabling israelis to receive lifesaving medical help everywhere from nahariya in the north to yotvata in the south. In the '80s, afmda also funded construction of magen david adom's national blood services center in ramat gan, just outside tel aviv, and is currently raising funds for a new facility to replace it, one that's significantly larger to serve israel's now-vastly larger population and one that's secure from rocket and chemical attack to address the increasingly dangerous security situation with which israel must contend.through their support of afmda, american donors are playing a tangible and dramatic role in saving lives in israel.


Mark Lebow Chairman
Donna Fried Calcaterra Secretary
Daniel Dobin Vice Chairman
Neil Fox Treasurer
David N. Fleischer Audit Chair
Jaqueline Goldman Vice Chairman
Fraeda Kopman Fundraising Chair
Gershon W. Trimpol Vice Chairman
Jay Culang Chief Financial Officer
Catherine R. Reed Chief Development Officer
Seymour Brief Board Member
Paula Blaine Cohen Board Member
Martin Cohen Board Member
Annetta Weller Epstein Board Member
Leonard Epstein Board Member
Michael Goldman Board Member
Barry Feldman Board Member
Barbara Kay Board Member
Dina Leeds Board Member
Ann Lesser Board Member
Daniel Schwarzwalder Board Member
Leslie Handelsman Board Member (former)
Stuart A. Jackson Board Member (former)
Gaby Ferhman Lehrer Board Member (former)
David M. Frankel Chief Executive Officer
Yossi Mentz Western Regional Director
Robert Rosenthal Chief Marketing Officer
Tamara H. Karu Southeast Regional Director
Lisa Marchitelli Director of Hr and Administration
Erik Levis Director of Communications
Sarah Jarvis Director of Major Gifts
Richard Zelin Director of Strategic Philanthropy
Deborah H. Dolgin Director of Strategic Philanthropy
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