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Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) USA, established in 1981 is private non-denomination development organization which promotes social development in low income countries by funding programs in health, education, rural development, civil society and environment. The Foundation's principal sources of financial support are grants and contributions from individuals, government agencies, and corporations and foundations.


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December 2018
30% Loss
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Multi-input Area Development Global Development Alliance (miad Gda). Objectives


(1) to improve quality of life for residents of afghanistan's badakhshan province including their social and economic status; (2) to establish a model for a sustainable, replicable financing mechanism for both regional social and economic development. Quality of life will be improved through social development activities within health, education, rural livelihoods, and sub-national governance implemented within badakhshan. After five to ten years, investments into economic drivers within afghanistan and central asia will generate revenues to fuel social development beyond the miad gda's program life.

Food for the Progress in Mali


The project will increase agricultural productivity by developing new rice and garden plots, while rehabilitating current plots. The project will also train producers in improved agricultural techniques, and build business management capacity. Akf has created and/or built the capactiy of village organizations, cooperatives, and community based savings group in management, group selling, resource mobilization, and good governance. The project also integrates functional literacy training into its capacity building activities. The project will also expand trade of agricultural products by training farmers in post-harvest techniques; strengthening cereal value chains; creating market linkages; and providing microfinance services.



Based disaster risk reduction program in afghanistan


Zahid Rahimtoola Vice-chairman, Secr./treas.
Mohamed Ashraf Ramji Secretary/treasurer
Nazlin Pepermintwala Associate Director, Finance
Noordin Moloo Chief Finance Officer
His Highness Shah Karim Al-husseini Aga Khan, Chairman
Prince Amyn Aga Khan Director
Guillaume De Spoelberch Director
Sherina Ebrahim Chairman National Committee
Ali Aljundi Member, National Committee
Farida Khemani Member, National Committee
Mahmood Khimji Member, National Committee
Shaiza Damji Nurani Member, National Committee
Aleem Remtula Member, National Committee
Nageeb Sumar Member, National Committee
Dr Barkat Fazal Ex-officio Member, Ntl Comm.
Aziz Valliani Chariman National Committee
Jehan Velji Member, National Committee
Sultana Mangalji Member, National Committee
Zamila Karimi Member, National Committee
Alnoor Shivji Member, National Committee
Eboo Patel Member, National Committee
Aleem Walji Chief Executive Officer
Dan Spealman Director of Programs
Karim Merchant Director of Dvlp & Vol. Engmt
Dilafruz Khonikboyeva Dir. of P. Affair & Str. Comm.
Elizabeth Grant Associate Director of Programs
Karim Juma Dj Special Projects
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