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Founded in 2001, All It Takes is a human services nonprofit focused on fund raising & fund distribution. It is a relatively small organization, with $362k in revenue and 2 employees. All It Takes is headquartered in Simi Valley, CA and its secretary/treasurer is Andrew Crow as of September, 2019.


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September 2019
54% Loss
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Youth Leadership Training


Creates an environment where students learn to recognize and embrace individual strengths and weaknesses, the strengths and weaknesses of others and learn to build personal and social tolerance for all traits in all people.

Spirit of the Holidays


Commitment to helping 1) those with significant financial need and 2) extenuating life circumstance that makes celebration and finding joy difficult by choosing to do something positive for them and acting purposefully to make life easier and bring joy.


Notice. Choose. Act. - a template for making powerful and purposeful decisions that guide us to create outcomes that we feel proud of and take responsibility for. When outcomes are not what we hoped they would be, we still take responsibility, learn from it and move forward.


Save canyon de guadalupe project


"up to us" project - standing rock sioux tribe


Lori Woodley Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Crow Secretary/treasurer
Source: IRS 990