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Alliance for Global Justice
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By 1998 it was becoming confusing for activists and donors alike that a group called Nicaragua Network was the “parent” organization for two projects with global reach. We had a contest for a new name and Alliance for Global Justice was the name selected. We incorporated under the new name and when we received IRS designation as a tax-exempt, non-profit, the Nicaragua Network gave up its own legal existence and transferred its assets to AfGJ, becoming a project of the Alliance.

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March 2020
+37% Growth
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Fiscal sponsorship services are offered to grassroots non-profits that agree with the afgj vision and mission statements but do not have their own 501(c)(3) status. The purpose of the fiscal sponsorship services is to help the progressive movement grow and gain more influence on regional, national, and international levels. Afgj has about 100 different groups in this program. Afgj acts as a parent and provides help to these groups administratively which allows the groups to concentrate on their mission, growth, and accomplishing their goals. Afgj helps this effort by making the donations to these groups tax-deductible to the donor, offering tax assistance, donation collection and processing, payroll services, group health insurance, liability insurance, and a listing on the afgj website.


Multiple delegations and conferences including human rights accompaniments in honduras and colombia, a human rights conference in mexico, and meetings on immigration and militarization along the us-mexican border.


Monitor human rights in honduras and write reports with focus on united states and canadian policy impacts on militarization of security forces and lack of the rule of law. Provide on the ground services for delegations, journalists, and researchers. Monitor elections, produce emergency responses, and educate public in united states and canada.


James Jordan President
Tom Baker Director
Mark Burton Director
Charles Delaney Director
John Ocampo Director
Shelly Scribner Director
Robert Siegel Director
Irene Rodriguez Director
Arnold Matlin Director
Vicki Cervantes Director
Natali Segovia Director
Katherine Hoyt Director
Charles E. Kaufman Secretary/tr
Source: IRS 990