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The Alliance for International Exchange formerly Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange" is an association of non-governmental exchange programs in the United States. The Alliance was founded in 1993 following the merger of the International Exchange Association and the Liaison Group for International Educational Exchange. Following this merger, the Alliance became the sole collective voice of the 76 non-governmental organization exchange programs for the purpose of developing a unified public policy voice.

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December 2018
2% Loss
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The alliance's main accomplishments are its membership meeting, appropriations advocacy day, and j-1 advocacy day. The alliance provided its membership and others with information regarding international exchange activities in congress and certain federal agencies. These reports, provided as focused news briefs, were disseminated via e-mail and posted on the alliance website where they were also available to eligible subscribers via rss feeds. These materials were provided to full members as one of the benefits of membership; other organizations, affiliated with the alliance but not full members, received access to a subset of information resources for a subscription fee.


Carol Jenkins Board Member
Ellen Hoggard Treasurer
William Gertz Chair
Laura Rose Vice Chair
Brad Farnsworth Board Member
Dr Dan Davidson Board Member
Rebecca Bell Meszaros Board Member
James Pellow Board Member
Dr Paul Beresford-hill Board Member
Goran Rannefors Board Member
Kari Kuja Board Member
Marcie Schneider Board Member
David Causer Board Member
Scott Messing Board Member
Mark Rebstock Board Member
Ilir Zherka Executive Director
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