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The American Anti-Vivisection Society is an organization created with the goal of eliminating a number of different procedures done by medical and cosmetic groups in relation to animal cruelty in the United States. It seeks to help the betterment of animal life and human-animal interaction through legislation reform.

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Activities include public outreach, investigations, and campaigns to end experiments on animals through education and advocacy. The av magazine commemorated its 125th anniversary with publication of a special issue, highlighting writings and features from past issues since 1892, providing a unique portrait of animal rights history. A 4-page bi-monthly newsletter and a monthly online newsletter provides timely, reliable information to over 25,000 members and supporters so they can take effective action for animals, such as encouraging full retirement to sanctuaries for chimpanzees, full enforcement of the animal welfare act, and the need to use alternative, non-animal methods. Aavs places ads in national media to raise awareness that dogs, cats and other animals suffer in labs. In addition, grants are provided to sanctuaries for care of animals, especially chimpanzees and other primates released from laboratories.


Animalearn is a leading national program working to end vivisection and dissection in the classroom, advocating and promoting humane science education policy. Its free lending library, the science bank, provides effective, non-animal alternatives for all grades, from elementary school through advanced training for health professionals. Animalearn supplies unique educational materials to teachers and students all around the country and partners with innovative companies to offer new education technology such as virtual and augmented reality. Staff present how-to workshops and provide one-on-one support for educators and students who seek to implement alternatives in their schools. Animalearn presents the humane student and humane educator of the year awards in December, recognizing exceptional young people and their teachers who help animals by advancing humane science education.


The coalition for consumer information on cosmetics' (ccic) leaping bunny program provides a service for compassionate consumers who wish to avoid products tested on animals. The program administers the highest cruelty-free standard and the internationally recognized leaping bunny logo, in order to certify companies producing cruelty-free cosmetic, personal care and household products. The list of over 1000 certified companies is available on and in apps for smartphones. In 2018, aavs's leaping bunny department renewed companies through a 'recommitment' process and performed audits on selected companies to ensure continued compliance with the standard. Consumers are informed through very active and engaging social media, and a popular monthly online newsletter. Program staff regularly serve as a reliable, respected resource for media, and are regularly interviewed on the topic of animal testing for cosmetics.


Joseph Ludwig Vice-president
Aaron Mcintyre Treasurer
Denise Cowie Secretary
Douglas R. Barr Sr. Board Member
Francis Krafchik Board Member
Robert Finn Board Member
Sue A. Leary President, CEO
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