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American Bird Conservancy
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The American Bird Conservancy is a non-profit membership organization with the mission of conserving native birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. Its focus is on threats to birds in the Western Hemisphere—threats which include overuse of pesticides, urban sprawl, habitat destruction, and invasive species.

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December 2018
+7% Growth
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Bird Conservation Programs


Abc works to prevent the extinctions of some of the world's rarest species, protect habitat, and eliminate threats that cumulatively kill billions of birds each year.



Abc disseminates bird conservation information and news through its printed publications, website, and list serves, participates in a variety of birding events and encourages the public to get involved in bird conservation through public action campaigns.

Membership Services


Abc's membership is a growing network of birders and nature lovers making a difference for birds throughout the americas.


George H. Fenwick President
Larry Selzer Chair
V. Richard Eales Vice Chair/treasurer
William F. Sheehan V. Chair ( (see Sch. O
Merrie Morrison VP Administration
David Roos VP Finance, CFO
Patricia Bauman Director
Martha Boudreau Director
David Davidson Director
Cinnamon Dornsife Director
Sharon Forsyth Director
Jonathan Franzen Director
Kathryn Hale Director
David Harrison Director
Carolyn Hendricks Director
Kimberly Kaufman Director
Josh Lerner Director
Walter Matia Director
Jeffrey Peters Director
Shoaib Tareen Director
Andrew Velthaus Director
Robert Weeden Director
Charlotte Wright Director
Michael J. Parr VP & CCO Then Pres. (as of 06/2017)
Clare Nielsen Neal VP Communications
Emily Jo Williams VP North American Birds
Jane Fitzgerald VP Chjv
Daniel Lebbin VP International
David Younkman VP Western
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