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American Academy in Berlin
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The American Academy in Berlin is a research and cultural institution in Berlin whose stated mission is to foster a greater understanding and dialogue between the people of the United States and the people of Germany.

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June 2019
+8% Growth
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The american academy in berlin fosters transatlantic dialogue and relationships by sponsoring a residential fellowship program for advanced independent study in the arts & humanities, and public affairs & policy; through public programming and publications that promote the work of fellows and german-american intellectual exchange; and through a distinguished visitor and short-term visitor program, which brings esteemed americans from a variety of professional fields to berlin for a robust exchange of views with their german counterparts and for public lecturesthe richard c. Holbrooke forum is an ongoing series of international workshops, periodically convened by the academy with varying experts, who address pressing global issues. Forum participants come together to apply the tools of diplomacy and statecraft for solving protracted challenges to the well-being of humanity, centered on four core themes: statecraft and values, the enduring crisis of governance, the dynamics of transformation, and securing the peace: post-conflict coexistence and reconciliation.


Manfred Bischoff Vice Chair
Gerhard Casper Vice Chair
Stephen B. Burbank Co-secretaries
John C. Kornblum Co-secretaries
Michael P. Steinberg Executive Director
Christian Diehl Chief Operating Officer
Klaus Biesenbach Board Member
Leon Botstein Board Member
Martin Brand Board Member
Roger Cohen Board Member
Mathias Dopfner Board Member
Marina Kellen French Board Member
Hans-michael Giesen Board Member
Anthony T. Grafton Board Member
C. Boyden Gray Board Member
Vartan Gregorian Board Member
Andrew S. Gundlach Board Member
Florian Henckel V. Donnersmarck Board Member
Wolfgang A. Herrmann Board Member
Stefan Von Holtzbrinck Board Member
Dirk Ippen Board Member
Wolfgang Ischinger Board Member
Josef Joffe Board Member
Michael Kellen Board Member
Michael Klein Board Member
Regine Leibinger Board Member
Pascal Levensohn Board Member
Vincent A. Mai Board Member
Wolfgang Malchow Board Member
Nina Von Maltzahn Board Member
Kati Marton Board Member
Julie Mehretu Board Member
Nader A. Mousavizadeh Board Member
Sandra E. Peterson Board Member
George Rupp Board Member
Volker Schlondorff Board Member
Peter Y. Solmssen Board Member
Anthony Vidler Board Member
Christine I. Wallich Board Member
Maureen White Board Member
Ulrich Wilhelm Board Member
Andrew Wylie Board Member
Pauline Yu Board Member
Leah Joy Zell Board Member
Gahl Hodges Burt Chairman
Gary Smith Former Executive Director
Jan Techau Dir. Holbrooke Forum
Patricia Stampe Head of Finance
Thomas Rommel Director of Programs
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