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The American Antiquarian Society, located in Worcester, Massachusetts, is both a learned society and national research library of pre-twentieth century American history and culture. Founded in 1812, it is the oldest historical society in the United States with a national focus. Its main building, known as Antiquarian Hall, is a U.S. National Historic Landmark in recognition of this legacy. The mission of the AAS is to collect, preserve and make available for study all printed records of what is now known as the United States of America. This includes materials from the first European settlement through the year 1876.

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Book Purchases


To increase collection of books relating to american history prior to 1876.


Conservation, cataloging and other - to preserve and catalog the society's collection of books, newspapers, manuscripts & graphic arts in conjunction with other research libraries.

Research and Publication


To support fellowship program for 45 fellows, a publication department and other educational seminars.


Edward Harris VP Admin
John Keenum VP Development
Thomas Knoles Mccorison Librarian
Susan Forgit Director of Finance
Elliot B. Davis Councilor
Kate Van Winkle Keller Councilor
John W. Tyler Councilor
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich Councilor
Ogretta V. Mcneil Councilor
Charles Hb Arning Councilor
Martha Ann Sandweiss Councilor
David Rumsey Councilor
Ann V. Fabian Councilor
Jane Kamensky Councilor
Jane M. Dewey Councilor
Barbara A. Levy Councilor
Richard Rabinowitz Councilor
Sidney Lapidus Chairman
Cheryl Hurley Secretary/dc
George W. Tetler III Treasurer
Richard D. Brown Recording Secretary
John Herron Jr. Vice Chairman
William S. Reese Secretary/fc
Ellen S. Dunlap President
Alan Degutis Head of Cataloging Services
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