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The American Bible Society is a United States–based nondenominational Bible society which publishes, distributes and translates the Bible and provides study aids and other tools to help people engage with the Bible. Founded on May 11, 1816, in New York City, it is probably best known for its Good News Translation of the Bible, with its contemporary vernacular. They also publish the Contemporary English Version. The American Bible Society is also a member of the Forum of Bible Agencies International. ABS's headquarters relocated from New York City to Philadelphia in August 2015.

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The year 2018 marked american bible societys 202nd year in ministry and in its mission to share gods word with the world. Since its iniital year in 1816, american bible society has been fulfilling its mission of making the bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford so all people May experience its life-changing message. American bible society was founded in new york city as a christian organization committed to distributing and engaging people with gods word in the united states and throughout the world. Serving alongside the global christian church, the society remains dedicated to this original purpose, with a mission "to make the bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford, so all people may experience its life-changing message." the society carries out its mission by: affirming the power of god to speak to every generation through the holy scriptures; providing translations of the holy scriptures that are faithful to the original biblical texts; working in partnership with all christian churches and christian communities; and, engaging culture and empowering the church with gods word through technology, new media, and digital channels. The bible is the most famous book in human history, influencing billions of lives and shaping the formation of societies across the world. Over the last decade, many in american culture today have expressed their thoughts that the bible is antiquated, irrelevant or even dangerous. We at american bible society have worked with our strategic partnerships in ministry to address these viewpoints by highlighting the influence and message of the bible within culture. Driven by our passion for the bible, american bible society continues to invite millions across the globe to experience the profound, life-changing message of the bible, focusing on these three pillars: translation. We make the word of god available and alive for millions of people still waiting for a bible in their language. We work with ministries and bible societies across the globe to accelerate bible translation through innovative technology, collaborative partnerships, and a shared sense of urgency. By 2026, we will see 100% of languages open to scripture engagementenabling all people across the globe to experience first engagement with the bible in the heart language. Trauma healing. Trauma is a barrier to the hope of the gospel. Bible-based trauma healing uses the power of scripture, combined with mental health best practices, to bring joy to wounded hearts. We bring gods message of love, hope, and redemption to some of the world's darkest places-refuge camps, orphanages, prisons, and war-torn villages. Transforming america. We are honored to serve as the bible society for the united states. Our nation continues to long for the hope and stability of the bible and american bible society exists to help provide that support. American virtues like liberty and justice are drawn from the pages of scripture. Throughout our history-from the founding fathers to civil rights movement-the bible has guided american heroes in their pursuits of justice. Today, we invite millions of americans to engage with the word of god to transform our neighborhoods, our cities, and our country-one heart at a time. To best equip us in gauging the impact of our work, over the last several years american bible society and barna research have been carefully looking at the state of the bible in the united states. In the state of the bible 2018, this data shows us that six in ten americans lives have been transformed by the bible and that although 89% of americans still prefer to engage with the bible via print, the use of technology in bible engagement has been steadily increasing since 2011. More than half of bible readers (57%) now search for access to the bible and scripture related content on-line via the internet ans 55% via a smartphone. 35% engage with gods word via podcast and 36% via audio. Additional findings from the 2018 state of the bible survey include: 57% of americans wish they read the bible more - 26% of these responders cite a lack of time as the reason for not reading the bible more 66% of americans express curiosity to learn more about the bible for those who regularly read the bible in the united states: 53% give significant thought to how their bible engagement impacts their lives 41% feel at peace 35% feel a sense of hope 33% feel positively encouraged in their daily lives these opportunties enable american bible society to nurture scripture engagement with those who are curious about the bible in the united states and to continue to provide scripture engagement resources to those who want to grow in gods word. This data that indicates ongoing fertile ground for gods word to take ongoing root in the united states continues to fuel our passion for our ministry and our mission. We are also proud to continue our global ministry as we seek to finish the bible translation work of the remaining 1,600 languages that do not have at least a portion of scripture in their native language. More than one billion people are still waiting for the first bible in their heart language. Our goal is to give a bible to every waiting person in the world by 2026. We can bring the word of life to the ends of the earth. More than 165 million people long for even a single verse in a language they can clearly understand and 1 billion people across the globe are waiting for a complete bible in their heart language. This is the call that american bible society and its partners have mobilized to answer. Our work in this realm has seen over 3,700 languages with a bible translation project launched and over 670 languages to see a complete bible in their language completed and provided for first engagement. We at american bible society are blessed to be able to report that: every tribe every nation/illuminations alliance brings together the largest bible agencies in the world-including american bible society, biblica, and wyclife-providing the technological resources to unify our work and most efficiently distribute god's word to waiting people all over the world. United bible societies, representing nearly 150 national bible societies working in over 200 countries and territories, provide on-the-ground staff and expertise, translating, publishing, and distributing scripture. American bible society continues to partner with united bible societies on over 400 scripture engagement based projects across the globe. The nida institute for biblical scholarship-located at american bible society's headquarters in philadelphia-serves those working in the world of bible translation through leading research and scholarship, training, and publishing services. Clients include united bible societies, sil international, the seed company, biblica, and others. American bible society is proud to continue its focus on ministering to cities across the united states. In the last year, american bible society has distributed over 2.5 million pieces of scripture in the united states alone. Included in this distribution were crisis related scripture responses to weather related devastation in califorinia, texas, puerto rico, the carolinas and florida. American bible society has a long history of reaching across denominational lines to focus on what unites all christians: the bible. Our focus continues to include catholic, orthodox and protestant denominations and in developing scripture tools for all audiences across all mediums. To continue to be succssful in this aspect of our ministry, working in cities across the united states must focus on the speicific issues and concerns of each community and how gods word can deliver hope and solutions to their daily challenges. To ensure that we are providing the best scripture based solutions to this need, we collaborate with church and community leaders to host listening sessions and distribute contextualized bible resources in print and in digital formats. This work includes: listening: by listening to and convening with key urban leaders, we have identified barriers to bible engagement in several cities across the us and will be seeking to strategically expand this reach to 100 cities by 2026. Collaborating: by collaborating with churches, organizations and leaders in these cities, we have continued to develop bible resources tailored for catholic, orthodox and protestant ministries. Equipping: by distributing these contextualized bible resources to church and community leaders, more people will be able to engage with gods word. We are also so very proud to have partnered with law enforcement communities in several cities across the united states to continue to broaden the reach of our strength for the street bible and suite of print and digital resources. Those engaged in law enforcement continue to find guidance and strength in gods word as they serve their


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