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American Farmland Trust is an organization in the United States that works to protect and conserve farmland. AFT is staffed by farmers, policy experts, researchers and scientists, and governed by a board of directors.

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State, local and federal programs -aft launched a national movement to advance conservation agriculture across the country. Since its founding in 1980, aft has helped save 6.5 million acres of farmland from development and has led the way for the adoption of conservation practices on millions of acres more. Aft continued and expanded programming that protects farmland, promotes sound farming practices and keep farmers on the land. Aft does this work through its headquarters in washington, dc and six regional offices.protecting irreplaceable farmland and ranchland:fertile, productive land is the foundation of american farming and ranching the source of food, enterprise, and life itself. Making sure farmers and ranchers have enough high-quality land to grow food and crops is at the heart of aft's mission. Since its start, over 6.5 million acres of the nation's best farmland and ranchland have been protected for future generations.a sampling of 2018 achievements:aft released the most comprehensive assessment ever of the loss of u.s. Farmland and ranchland, "farms under threat: the state of america's farmland," which found that from 1992 to 2012, the u.s. Lost three acres of farmland every minute to urban sprawl and low-density residential development 11 million of those acres among the best farmland in the nation.the signing of the 2018 farm bill secured another $2 billion for aft's highest priority, the agricultural conservation easement program, which compensates landowners for committing to keep their land in agriculture.with assistance from aft's owen and ellen love family farmland protection fund, aft protected two critical farms in michigan.conserving soil and water and combatting climate changethe nation's soil and water resources are fundamental to life, we cannot survive without them. Aft advocates for conservation practices and programs that preserve not just the land but also the environment. Aft's work helps farmers and ranchers adopt smart farming practices that protect land, water, soil, and wildlife providing environmental benefits for all of us.a sampling of 2018 achievements:aft accepted an invitation from the u.s. Climate alliance to be one of their first impact partners, committed to helping usca states fulfill their natural and working lands challenge by developing policies and programs to increase carbon sequestration and reduce greenhouse gases on farmland and ranchland.aft launched its farmers combat climate change initiative to accelerate the use of climate-smart farming practices and to make the case for farmland protection as an effective and cost-efficient climate change mitigation tool.aft's california greener fields project informed the first state climate plan to link the protection of agricultural land to climate change mitigation.aft received a highly competitive conservation innovation grant from usda to study the impacts of soil health practices in five states and provide the quantitative evidence that farmers need to make better conservation decisions.connecting farmers to the land and communities to foodaft makes sure that its farmers and ranchers can stay on the land, continuing to feed and clothe us and sustain america. Aft's efforts connect communities to healthy food while giving farmers and ranchers the tools they need to succeed. Given the age of the average farmer, aft's work to help the next generation of farmers access the land has never been more important.a sampling of 2018 achievements:aft launched farmland for a new generation new york, a resource center and website that helps existing farmers, new farmers, and younger generations of farm families' access farmland while supporting retiring farmers and landowners in successfully transferring their farms throughout new york.aft expanded our national women for the land program already active in the midwest and mid-atlantic states to california and held its first women-only learning circle there.aft organized the new york grown food for new york kids coalition that fought for and achieved record state funding to help k-12 schools buy more foods grown and produced in the state while strengthening the economic security of farmers.

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Aft fights for programs and policies that save farmland, support farmers and enhance our environment.educate - aft educates the public about our nation's farms, farmland and farmers.innovate - aft pioneers cutting-edge techniques that protect farmland and protect natural resources.investigate - aft conducts respected research as the foundation of our programs.collaborate - aft builds coalitions to achieve large-scale solutions and lasting change.

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Aft continuously engages the public through our direct communications with our members, various publications, and media outreach.


Barton Thompson Jr. Chair
John Hardin Vice Chair
William Cohan Treasurer
Ashley Bovino CFO and VP of Finance & Admin.
Kathie Lwanga Secretary
Rick Monk Assistant Secretary
Elizabeth Beck Director
William Boehm Director
Lynn Clarkson Director
Robert E. Egerton Jr. Director
Gina Gallo Director
Jennie Turner Garlington Director
Elizabeth Jones Director
Ag Kawamura Director
Laurie Landeau Director
James Moseley Director
Ea'mon O'toole Director
Manya K. Rubinstein Director
Truman Semans Director
Grant Winthrop Director
John Piotti President & CEO
Susan Sink VP of Development
John Larson VP of Programs
James Daukas Senior Program Officer
Julia Freedgood Farms for the Next Generation Director & Sen. Advisor
Jennifer Fusco Senior Director of Dev, Ne
Heidi Blythe Senior Director of Institutional Giving
Serena Unger Ca Senior Policy and Planning Mngr
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