Amherst H. Wilder Foundation

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Amherst H Wilder Foundation
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The Amherst H. Wilder Foundation is a health and human services organization that promotes the social welfare of persons resident or located in the greater Saint Paul metropolitan area by all appropriate means, including: relief of the poor; care of the sick and aged; care and nurture of children; aid of the disadvantaged and otherwise needy; promotion of physical and mental health; support of rehabilitation and corrections; provision of needed housing and social services; and operation of residences and facilities for the aged, the infirm and those requiring special care.


Annual Budget
June 2019
+5% Growth
Program Spending
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Wilder Programs


Wilder programs offer hope and support to help people reach their full potential. Wilder provides mental health services, supportive housing services, child care and early childhood education, access to healthy food and nutrition education, older adult and caregiver support, and culturally specific social adjustment services. In fiscal year 2017 wilder served 4,457 individuals through direct services. 1,294 children, families and community members were served by achievement plus partners during the 2016-2017 school year at three achievement plus schools.

Wilder Research


Wilder research gathers and interprets facts and trends to help families and communities thrive, get at the core of community concerns, and uncover issues that are overlooked or poorly understood. In fiscal year 2017 wilder research produced 250 reports, served 175 organizations, and hosted 3,100 individuals in presentations and trainings.

Wilder Center for Communities


Wilder center for communities engages citizens and leaders to address vital community issues. Through leadership programs, volunteerism, convening, civic engagement and community initiatives, wilder is helping to build community and develop the next generation of engaged and involved residents. In fiscal year 2017 wilder center for communities developed the skills of 248 existing and emerging leaders through leadership development programs, and engaged 1,789 volunteers to support the mission of the wilder foundation. 1,951 scholars and 597 parents were served through saint paul promise neighborhood schools and partner programs.


Alex Cirillo Chair
Julie Brunner Vice Chair
Judy Kishel Secretary
Joan Mccusker CFO
Tom Wright Treasurer
Paulette Schrom Assistant Secretary
Amy Huerta Assistant Treasurer
Gary Christensen Trustee
Robyn Hansen Trustee
Fred Harris Trustee
Rahul Koranne Trustee
Fayneese Miller Trustee
Eric Nicholson Trustee
Joan Thompson Trustee
Alyssa Vang Trustee
Ann Wynia Trustee
Maykao Y. Hang CEO & President
Paul Mattessich Executive Director
Colleen Mlecoch Director - Facilities & Info
Kristine A. Martin Left May 2017 VP of Wilder Cntr for Comm
Richard Chase Consulting Scientist
James N. Dockendorf Senior IT Infrastructure Mgr
Pahoua Yang VP Comm Mental Health & Wellness
Tou C. Yang Psychiatrist
Source: IRS 990