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The Animal Legal Defense Fund is an American non-profit law organization that aims to protect the rights and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. It was founded in 1979, by attorneys active in shaping the emerging field of animal law. The ALDF has campaigned for stronger enforcement of anti-animal cruelty laws and more humane treatment of animals. Their activities include filing lawsuits, providing legal assistance to prosecutors handling cruelty cases, working to strengthen state anti-cruelty statutes and hosting seminars, workshops and other outreach efforts. In addition to their national headquarters in Cotati, California, the Animal Legal Defense Fund maintains an office in Portland, Oregon.

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December 2018
+20% Growth
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ALDF PROGRAM SERVICE ACCOMPLISHMENTSLitigation ProgramThe Litigation program files cutting-edge lawsuits to end the abuse of animals, including companion animals, wildlife, and those abused in industries like factory farming, laboratories, and the entertainment industry. Our litigation efforts promote recognition of the bonds between human and nonhuman animals with a strategy of securing strong and lasting protections under the law. From filing as plaintiffs or representing other organizations and individuals, to filing formal complaints against government agencies, the Litigation Program makes a substantial impact on the lives of individual animals and expanding the entire field of animal law. (Continued on Schedule O)


Lisa A. Brewer Chair
Wendy Morgan Vice Chair
Beatrice Nemlaha Secretary
James M. Rockenbach Treasurer
Joyce Tischler Founder
Stephen Wells Chief Executive Officer
Andrea Arden Director
David N. Cassuto Director
Elizabeth Hess Director
Morgan C. Mulford Director
Victoria Stack Director
Sarah H. Luick Director
Patricia Jones Communications Director
Janiec Gutierrez Chief Oper Officer
Mark Walden Chief Prog Officer
Carter Dillard Snr Policy Advisor
Pamela Hart Director of Alp
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