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Anthropocene Alliance provides timely education, information, and platforms with which to ease communication between affected communities, elected officials, government agencies, and businesses. The organization builds public support for action against environmental destruction and climate change by: directly engaging those most vulnerable to its impacts; establishing partnerships with other like-minded organizations; creating networks and platforms to facilitate collaboration; encouraging critical discussion of the political economy of climate change; supporting policies that protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gases.

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December 2018
+465% Growth
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Flood Forum Usa - To Assist People Harmed By Flooding. It Works On Behalf of Individuals and Communities, Whether Located On the Coasts or Inland, By Connecting Them To Service Providers, Government Agencies, State and Federal Legislators and Helpful Neighbors.ffusa Accomplishes These Objectives By


Acting as a strong and independent public advocate for the millions of people in the us affected by flooding; helping communities form neighborhood flood action groups that can work together to reduce the impact of flooding and demand action on climate change; acting as a liaison between flood action groups, and organizations with the skills and resources to help them: federal, state and local government and their agencies, trade associations, insurance companies, non-profits and businesses; representing flood action groups in trials of technologies, products, and services that reduce flood risks.

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Combatting climate change and conserving the earth's environment. That environment is shared by more than 8 million animal species in addition to humans, and its protection must therefore also mean animal protection. More than 9 billion animals are killed for food every year in the u.s. Alone. Animal agriculture contributes up to 30% of global greenhouse gasses. Only by cultivating a politics and ethics of care toward all sentient beings can humans hope to create a just and sustainable world.


Simon Festing Treasurer
Susie Skarford Secretary
Paul Jaskot Chair of Board of Directors
Stephen Eisenman Director
Ramont Bell Director
Lori Burns Director
Michael Festing Director
Alan Knight Director
Joyce Coffee Director
Eric Tate Director
Lindsey Colburne Director
Rick Valicenti Director
Harriet Festing Executive Director
Source: IRS 990