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Aquarium of the Pacific
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The Aquarium's mission is to instill a sense of wonder, respect and stewardship for the Pacific Ocean, its inhabitants and ecosystems, by involving the community, the region, and the nation in engaging, educational, and empowering exhibits and programs. Our vision is to create the first aquarium, and perhaps the first institution, in the world dedicated to conserving and building Natural Capital (Nature and Nature's services) by building Social Capital (the interactions between and among peoples). Opened in 1998 and located on the urban waterfront in Long Beach, California, the Aquarium of the Pacific hosts approximately 1.5 million visitors each year. The 156,000 square foot campus houses over 11,000 animal inhabitants of the Pacific Ocean, which provide the foundation for all Aquarium activities and serve as ambassadors for their animal counterparts in the wild.


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December 2018
+2% Growth
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Animal Care


The aquarium's husbandry department oversees all of the care, feeding, and life support systems needed to support over 11,000 animals representing over 500 species in more than 50 exhibits, including several touch tank experiences. Sea lions, sea otters, sharks, rays, diving birds, sea jellies, corals, sea dragons, turtles, and fish of all types from temperate to tropical species are on display. Caretaking includes feeding of the highest quality sustainable seafood available, monitoring water quality and all life support systems, medical exams and routine procedures, and providing proper exhibit and behind the scenes space available to the animals.

Guest Services


Responsible for all guest interactions except for education and interpretation. Collect funds from on-site visitors, ensure safety and cleanliness of the facility



The aquarium's education programs are designed to foster connections between people and the ocean, and to advance science learning for a broad range of learners of all ages and backgrounds. At the heart of the aquarium's education department are over 20 classroom and auditorium programs that align with california mandated science k-12 standards, complementing and reinforcing what students learn in their regular classrooms, and exposing them to a unique, hands-on learning experience. We also serve title i and other disadvantaged students through our scholarship program, on-site free admission or a visit to the school site by aquarium on wheels. The aquarium on wheels, our outreach vehicle has served an average of 35,439 students and community members annually with educational presentations and interactive touch tanks.


Ms Jennifer Hagle Board Member & Secretary
Mr Russell T. Hill Board Member & Head of Investment CO.
Mr John Molina Board Member & Chairman
Mr Douglas Otto Board Member & Vice Chairman
Mr Michael J. Sondermann Board Member & Head of Finance Co
Mr Thomas Turney Board Member & Head of Audit CO.
Anthony Brown VP of Finance & CFO
Cecile Fisher VP Marketing, Corp Secretary
Esther Sm Chui Chao Board Member
Mr David Cohen Board Member
Mr Craig Cooning Board Member
Ms Kathleen Eckert Board Member
Bob Foster Board Member
Mrs Charlotte Ginsburg Board Member
Mr Phil Herrington Board Member
Josh Johes Board Member
Mr Samuel King Board Member
Ms Corinne Laverty Board Member
Mr Bert Levy Board Member
Henry Matson Board Member
Dr J. Mario Molina Board Member
Mr Stephan Morikawa Board Member
Mr Stephen Olson Board Member
Mark Paullin Board Member
Mr Kurt Schulzman Board Member
Donald Tip Tippett Board Member
Mr Stephen Young Board Member
Dr Jerry R. Schubel President & CEO
Perry Hampton VP Husbandry
Kathryn Nirschl VP Human Resource
John Rouse VP Operations
Sandra Trautwein Curator Fish & Invertabrae
Ryan Ashton Director of Development
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