Association of Threat Assessment Professionals

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Association of Threat Assessment Professionals Inc
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Founded in 1992, Association of Threat Assessment Professionals is a human services nonprofit focused on professional societies & associations. Association of Threat Assessment Professionals is headquartered in Sacramento, CA and its executive director is Catherine Smith as of December, 2018.


Annual Budget
December 2018
+45% Growth
Program Spending
Fundraising Spending
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Held annual threat assessment and management conference addressing major issues surrounding threat, stalking, and harassment situations; and, held other meetings and seminars addressing current issues within the threat assessment and management profession.


General membership related expenses and allocation of indirect expenses general in nature.


Chuck Tobin Past President
Dave Okada First Vice President
Russell Palarea President
Lynn Val Male Second Vice President
Molly Amman Secretary
William Zimmerman Treasurer
Jeff Dunn Sgt at Arms
Patrick Cooper Director
Richard Parfitt Director
Cj Wren Director
Charlotte Evans Director
Paul Bristow Director
Anthony Burti Director
Wendy Patrick Director
Andrew Baer Director
Dorian Van Horn Director
Patrick Quillinan Director
Gary Hickox Director
Ron Schouten Director
Melissa Muir Director
Chris Stevens Director
Catherine Smith Executive Director
Source: IRS 990