Augusta County Fair

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Augusta County Fair
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Founded in 1993, Augusta County Fair is a recreation & sports nonprofit focused on fairs. It is a relatively small organization, with $35.1k in revenue and 3 employees. Augusta County Fair is headquartered in Verona, VA and its director is Kathryn Mcmillan as of September, 2019.



Held a fair for local people to display livestock and farm products. Attended by approximately 30,000 people.


Alice Bodkin Director
Betty Burke Secretary
Eric Stogdale President
Hilda Hensley Vice President
Dakota Bodkin Director
Kirk Propst Director
Ryan Deming Director
Turk Burke Director
Thom Verga Director
Morgan Slaven Director
Matt Hickey Director
Alex Weller Director
Kathryn Mcmillan Director
Jonathan Mayo Director
Carole Craddock Treasurer
Ellen Shaver Shank Marketing and Promotion Director
Source: IRS 990