Bethesda Lutheran Communities

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Bethesda Lutheran Communities Inc
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Bethesda Lutheran Communities is a non-profit human service organization serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through faith-based programs.

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August 2019
4% Loss
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Bethesda provides homes and other services for more than 1,500 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities across 13 states. This includes residential living services, host homes/family living programs, day programs, spiritual support services, vocational training and thrift shops. All programs and services are delivered with attention to quality and innovation. Bethesda's direct support professionals have been recognized nationally by ancor for their high-quality support. Bethesda is growing its host home support services, which match an individual, couple or family with a person who has a disability. Today there are more than 80 people supported in a host home environment in six states. Bethesda provides employment support to more than 120 people working within more than 50 businesses. Employment support takes many forms, including coaching by bethesda staff, as well as community partnerships. In wisconsin, bethesda partners with a local hospital and school system on a project know as project search to provide hands-on job skills. In partnership with concordia university wisconsin, bethesda offers a two-year program, bethesda college, which offers life, employment and learning skills. Bethesda has engaged more than 500 congregations to offer worship, bible studies and inclusion for people with disabilities. Bethesda further provides devotional resources, disability awareness materials, and adaptive communication pieces to individuals and congregations in 34 states. A new ambassador program, involving outreach by contracted college students, deaconesses and retired pastors, is opening new opportunities for bethesda within congregations. Bethesda relies on an active corps of more than 10,000 volunteers, including bethesda auxiliary, to extend its reach. Bethesda operates 16 thrift shops in seven states that generate revenue to help support people with disabilities. The stores, staffed by employees and volunteers, provide affordable shopping options to families in communities we serve and employment opportunities for people of all abilities.


Dr Virginia Miller Chairman
Rev Jay Debeir Vice Chairman
Catherine Brondos Secretary
Randall Odzer Treasurer
Jeffrey Kaczmarski EVP & VP Legal
Lori Anderson VP Residential Services
David Griebl Chief Financial Officer
Tiffany Manor Director
Malcolm Conner Director
David Keil Director
Ardis Loeber Director
Christine Tricoli Director
Ellen Trytek Director
Larry Tyler Director
Cesar Villaplando Director
John Wiktor Director
Dr Michael Thirtle President & CEO
Jedd Lapid VP Development
Debborah Zubke Division Operating Officer
Michael Klimkosky Chief Information Officer
Jennifer Becher Termed 7/5/17 VP HR and or Dev
Daniel Lusk VP Business Development
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