Boone County Historical Society

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Boone County Historical Society
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Founded in 1963, Boone County Historical Society is an arts, culture & humanities nonprofit focused on historical societies & historic preservation. It is a relatively small organization, with $419k in revenue and 4 employees. Boone County Historical Society is headquartered in Columbia, MO and its president is William Jay Powell as of December, 2019.


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December 2019
+9% Growth
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The mission of the society inlcudes, but is not limited to, collecting, studying, perserving and exhibiting historic artifacts. The society recognizes historic sites and interprets and disseminates information pertaining to the history of boone county. The society owns and operates the walters-boone county history museum, the montiminy art gallery, the river-horse pavilion, and the historic buildings that comprise the village at boone junction.


Marjorie Motley Secretary
W. Wilson Beckett Past Preside
Jim Marberry Treasurer
Heather Hargrove Vice Preside
Dick Otto Board Member
Gary Smith Board Member
Karen Moore Board Member
Mike Lynch Board Member
Amy Henderson Board Member
Charlie Lee Board Member
Nancy Schultz Board Member
Joan Bay Board Member
Bill Thompson Board Member
Carolyn Doyle Board Member
Loreli Wilson Board Member
William Jay Powell President
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