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Breaking Ground, formerly Common Ground, is a nonprofit social services organization in New York City whose goal is to create high-quality permanent and transitional housing for the homeless.

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The Times Square is Breaking Ground's flagship supportive housing residence. Breaking Ground transformed this building into the largest permanent supportive housing residence in the nation and contributed to the revitalization of the Times Square neighborhood as a whole while demonstrating a new approach to ending long-term urban homelessness. The Times Square combines permanent affordable housing for low-income and formerly homeless adults, persons with serious mental illness and persons living with HIV/AIDS. A range of on-site social services are provided by Breaking Ground's social service partner, the Center for Urban Community Services.


Street To Home Outreach Founded on the premise that housing is the essential first step to addressing the complex issues faced by chronically homeless individuals, Street to Home is a systematic method of identifying and prioritizing for housing those who have been outdoors the longest and who have the highest risk of premature death on the streets. The chronically homeless are sometimes referred to as "hard to house" due to their non-responsiveness to traditional outreach efforts (e.g., offers of a night in the shelter or a warm meal) and the challenges to stability posed by severe and persistent mental illness, chronic health conditions and alcohol and substance abuse. By taking the time to gain the trust of chronically homeless individuals gradually over time, and offering housing without conditions (e.g., sobriety), Street to Home demonstrates that these individuals do want a home and can successfully secure and maintain permanent housing. The Street to Home model was pioneered by Breaking Ground in 2004 and adopted by the NYC Department of Homeless Services as a citywide strategy in 2007. Through our Street to Home program, Breaking Ground makes contact with an average of 1,000 street homeless individuals and connects more than 300 individuals to housing, medical and mental health services, substance abuse counseling, and other essential supports each year. The caring, individually tailored attention clients receive at each stage of their journey from street to home ensures that more than 90% of people who Breaking Ground places remain stably housed. Breaking Ground and its partners are responsible for covering the entire boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, and ONE-THIRD of Manhattan. Our Outreach and Housing Placement Partners: *Center for Urban Community Services *Goddard Riverside


Scatter site living provides clients with special needs an opportunity to live in the community in an apartment setting while still receiving supportive services. These programs assist individuals with their reintegration into the community and move toward greater stability and independence. Clients work with Case Managers to develop mutually agreeable goals and service plans aimed at improving their individual lives. Some of the services provided include: *Daily Living Skills and Money Management *Positive Social Networking and Family Integration *Medication Management *Vocational and Educational Services *Health and Medical Services *Crisis Intervention *Client Self-Advocacy FORM 990, PART III, LINE 4D Breaking Ground conducts a variety of other program service activities including the Montrose Campus, and a veterans' transitional residence. Breaking Ground assists several special needs segments of the chronically homeless population in New York City, and regrettably, these include a significant number of military veterans. We serve veterans in all program areas, from street outreach to transitional and permanent supportive housing. Homeless veterans comprise approximately 11% of our total client base. Our veterans transitional residence on the Montrose Campus of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is unique in offering a writing workshop for the community there. Writings and drawings from the workshop were published in "Afterwords: On Common Ground." aFTER SUCCESSFULLY REDUCING THE HOMELESS VETERAN POPULATION IN WESTCHESTER, THIS PROGRAM WAS CLOSED IN SEPTEMBER 2017. The Foyer Program Young people who spend the majority of their childhoods in foster care face significant challenges. For many, instability has been the one constant in their young lives, and they often experience homelessness even before they become adults. Foster youth are 44% less likely to complete high school than their age cohorts in general, and less than half of former foster youth are employed within four years of emancipation. To serve these vulnerable young people before they became homeless and to end homelessness among young adults Breaking Ground introduced the Foyer program, a housing model developed in Great Britain that provides economically disadvantaged youth who do not have family support with affordable housing linked to services that enable a successful transition to adulthood. Breaking Grounds Foyer program, started in 2004 in collaboration with Good Shepherd Services at The Christopher was the first in New York City to target young adults without families, a group identified in Mayor Bloombergs five-year plan to end homelessness as particularly vulnerable. The success of this pioneering program and the dearth of housing units available to meet the need by our underserved youth population within the Foyer program led to the development of our second Foyer site at The Lee on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. To address the unique challenges faced by homeless and at-risk youth, who are typically unattached to education or employment, the Foyer program provides the educational, employment, and mentoring support young adults need to create stable, independent lives, in a residential setting. Our Foyer/Youth Services Partners: *Good Shepherd Services (The Christopher) *The Door (The Lee) For more information about these programs, please visit the organization's website.


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Robert Sideli Secretary
Michael Franco Chairman
Ben Stacks Treasurer
Kevin Moran CFO
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David Picket Board Member
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David Neil Board Member
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Richard Roberts Board Member
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Nicholas Tsang Board Member
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David Walsh Board Member
Brenda Rosen President & CEO
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