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Founded in 2004, Build It Green is an environment nonprofit focused on professional societies & associations. It is a mid-sized organization, with $13m in revenue and 49 employees. Build It Green is headquartered in Oakland, CA and its executive director, board is Karin Burns as of December, 2018.


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December 2018
+254% Growth
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Pg&e Whole House Rebate Program


The whole house rebate program will consist of two major components: the statewide prescriptive whole house retrofit program (or "basic package") and pg&e's local whole house performance program (or "advanced package"). The basic package is statewide and will offer customers and installers an easy entry point on the path to home energy efficiency performance. The basic package will allow customers to increase the energy efficiency and comfort of their existing homes and minimize lost opportunities for future comprehensive retrofit options. It will also educate installers and customers on the benefits of implementing comprehensive eem retrofits on existing buildings that provide systematic reductions in energy use.

Energy Efficiency Low-income Weatherization Program


Liwp provides a variety of services intended to promote the use of safe and clean energy in households living within the disadvantaged communities. Once eligibility criteria is met, including income qualifications and location of residence (must be in the dac, or disadvantaged communities area), build it green sends out its qualified and certified assessors to determine the energy products available for the home. These improvements can save a homeowner money on their utility bills to achieve better energy efficiency. They are installed at zero cost to the homeowner.

Pg&e Hvac Rebate Program


The hvac program provides program implementation services for pg&e's heating ventilation and air conditioning (hvac) quality maintenance (qm) program. It is a comprehensive approach to hvac maintenance that supports and strengthens participating contractors' business models and transforms the market, creating a new industry standard for hvac quality maintenance.


Joshua Brock President
Rob Larson Treasurer
John Crowley Vice President
Bridgit Koller Secretary
Greg Aspenall Board Member
Mara Blitzer Board Member
Lisa Eugene Board Member
Karen Kho Board Member
Jan Lindenthal Board Member
Denise Tyrrell Board Member
Karin Burns Executive Director, Board
Bruce Mast Deputy Executive Director
Christopher Becker Director of Operations
Amy Dryden Director of Policy and Tech
David Myers Director of Southern Calif Programs
John Shipman Senior Director, Business Development
Satoshi Steimetz Senior Director, Finance and Operation
Source: IRS 990