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Founded in 1994, California Invasive Plant Council is a human services nonprofit focused on alliances & advocacy. It is a relatively small organization, with $1.1m in revenue and 6 employees. California Invasive Plant Council is headquartered in Berkeley, CA and its executive director is Doug Johnson as of December, 2018.


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+7% Growth
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Cal-IPC worked with regional partners across the state to design and implement landscape-level invasive plant management projects. We currently lead or support projects on the North Coast, Sierra Nevada, San Franscisco Bay Area, Central Valley, South Coast and Desert regions of California. Projects focus on removing new invasive plant species before they can spread. In addition, we strengthened technical tools for assessing which invasive plants are most likely to become problems in California in the future, and prepared best practices materials for land managers.



Cal-IPCs 2017 Symposium brought 280 land managers, researchers, conservation corps members and volunteer stewards to Palm Springs for four days of presentations, discussion groups, trainings and field trips. We completed an update of our California Invasive Plant Inventory, which provides a key information source for the states land managers. Our new Wildland Volunteer Network provided trainings for volunteer stewards across the SF Bay Area.



Cal-IPC worked in Sacramento to lay the groundwork for legislation to strengthen state invasive plant programs and to codify Californias interagency Invasive Species Council and 24-member Invasive Species Advisory Committee. On the national level, Cal-IPC led a coalition working to develop standards for assessing and listing invasive plants. As a member of the North American Invasive Species Network we helped coordinate an international summit for 2017.


Jutta Burger President
Gina Darin Vice-president
Tim Buonaccorsi Secretary
Steve Schoenig Treasurer
Jason Casanova Director
Doug Gibson Director
Jason Giessow Director
Bill Hoyer Director
Marla Knight Director
Drew Kerr Director
Ed King Director
Julia Parish Director
Baldeo Singh Director
Laura Pavliscak Director
Heather Schneider Director
Lynn Sweet Director
Marcos Trinidad Director
Juan De Dios Villarino Director
Doug Johnson Executive Director
Agustin Luna Director of Finance
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