Rai Ministries Inc

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Rai Ministries Inc
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Founded in 2006, Rai Ministries Inc is a human services nonprofit focused on human service organizations. It is a relatively small organization, with $679k in revenue and 10 employees. Rai Ministries Inc is headquartered in New Orleans, LA and its executive dir. is Rev David Goodine as of June, 2019.


Annual Budget
June 2019
+2% Growth
Program Spending
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Provided temporary housing and support for 2523 volunteers who contributed over 100,000 hours of service in the greater new orleans area. Work included support for the various missions of dozens of churches and nonprofits, as well as home restoration projects, 75 of which were supervised by camp restore staff.


Operated 2 senior citizen centers in the lower ninth ward and new orleans east.


W.k. Kellogg foundation grant to build organizational capacity to become more youth centered and increase economic opportunities for and promote positive narratives about youth through the new orleans young men and boys of color initiative ("ymvp program"). The 18 month program will train two new orleans young men of color to share their stories through film.


Kurt Jostes Deputy Director
John S. Ponseti Director
Gary Huettmann Director
Rev David Buss Director
Roderick P. Olson Secretary
Rev Aubrey J. Watson Jr. Treasurer
Rev Warren Latimore Vice President
Kim Jovanovich President
Rev David Goodine Executive Dir.
Source: IRS 990