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The Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB) is the largest public, non-profit hunger and nutrition education resource in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The mission of the CAFB is to feed those who suffer from hunger in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area by acquiring food and distributing it through our network of member agencies; and to educate, empower and enlighten the community about the issues of hunger and nutrition. Each year the CAFB distributes 20 million pounds of food, including six million pounds of fresh produce through over 700 partner agencies.


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June 2019
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Food Resourcing and Logistics


This program includes the following and distributed a combined 16,925,609 meals in fy shopping mart: the agency shopping mart enables cafb's partner agencies to conserve their limited resources by ordering donated and purchased food from cafb at prices significantly lower than retail cost.partner direct: cafb facilitates retail pick-up directly between food bank partners and food donors. This allows agencies to collect donations directly from stores, saving on transportation and other costs.

Government Distributions


This program includes the following and distributed a combined 5,383,895 meals in fy 2018.commodity supplemental food program (csfp): cafb provides approximately 5,200 d.c. Seniors and 500 maryland seniors with a bag of healthy groceries each month. In the summer, participants also receive produce vouchers redeemable at participating farmer's markets.the emergency food assistance program (tefap): cafb receives usda commodities and distributes them to certain qualified agencies without any service fees. Nearly 11.1 million pounds were distributed under this program in the past fiscal year.

Community Direct Distribution


This program includes the following and distributed a combined 9,751,782 meals in fy 2018.senior brown bag: cafb provides almost 5,000 seniors with a 30 - 40 pound bag of groceries each month. Healthy recipes, a nutrition newsletter and information on how to access community resources in specific neighborhoods are also included.weekend bag: this program provides kid-friendly bags of groceries for children to ensure that they have enough to eat when not at school. This program serves nearly 2,500 children weekly at nearly 40 sites around the markets: cafb sets up client-choice style food markets in area schools, currently serving over 7,000 families per month in d.c., maryland and markets: in partnership with community sites such as recreation centers and churches, cafb hosts 55 monthly mobile markets for residents to attend and receive marketplace: at this monthly farmer's market-inspired event, cafb offers fresh, seasonal produce at no cost. Health, housing and other service providers are also on site as additional resources for clients. Currently, three community marketplaces serve hundreds of clients one saturday a month; one each in virginia, maryland and d.c.joyful food markets: this monthly pop-up grocery market takes place at 39 schools in dc's wards 7 and 8. Each market provides families with healthy, non-perishable groceries and fresh produce.brighter bites: approximately 200 families were able to obtain fresh produce through our weekly distributions at school sites in prince george's county.


Partner relations and agency training


Food for kids


Peter Schnall Chairman
Denise Dombay Vice Chairperson
John Huffman Treasurer & Finance Committe
Amy Celep Secretary
Nancy E. Roman President and CEO
Melissa Schulz Goldbeck Senior Director of Finance
Greg Bingham Audit Committee Chair
Linda Keene Solomon Governance Committee Chair
Peter Ackerman Board Member
Michael Bell Board Member
Adam Goldberg Board Member
Felecia L. Greer Esq. Board Member
John P. Hynes Jr. Board Member
George A. Jones Board Member
Thomas Lofland Board Member
Khalim Piankhi Board Member
Gordon Reid Board Member
Diana Serrano Board Member
Carl L. Vacketta Board Member
Johnny A. Yataco Board Member
Radha Muthiah President and CEO
Christel Allen Hair Senior Dir. of Strategic Partnerships
Jody Tick Chief Operating Officer
Jee Yon Pae Development Director
Les Johnson Senior Director of Human Resources
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