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The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is the public library system in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its main branch is located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and it has 19 branch locations throughout the city. Like hundreds of other Carnegie libraries, the construction of the main library, which opened in 1895, and several neighborhood branches, was funded by industrialist Andrew Carnegie.

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Since its inception in 1895, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh continues to be a center of reading, culture, learning and civic engagement for residents of all abilities, skills and backgrounds. Today, our system consists of 19 locations, including the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, which serves Pennsylvania residents who have difficulty reading due to a physical impairment, reading disability or vision challenge. Continued at Schedule OAlthough books remain the heart of the library, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has transformed into a strong library system that focuses on workforce and economic development, education and neighborhood vitality. The Library offers comfortable spaces that welcome people to read, to think, to learn, to share and to teach each other. Children and teens learn and grow; adults exchange ideas, acquire new skills and expand their understanding; and every person in our community has access to ideas, information and items -- in person or electronically. Through the community's investment, the Library is able to do this and much more, helping to make life better for people in our region.As a free public library, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh makes available to the public at no charge a collection of more than 4.8 million items, access to the Internet, public wireless access (more than 50 million minutes used in 2017), computers and other technologies, and reference and other services. Library materials, services and programs are provided to the entire Pittsburgh region through a network of 19 public services locations, multiple outreach venues, the Library's website and through the Library Support Center in the West End, which is not a public services outlet, but provides shipping and other collection services.Every day, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh supports Pittsburghers with early childhood education and out of school learning programs and myriad services for families, seniors, veterans, entrepreneurs and immigrants, among others. In 2017, CLP hosted more than 2.9 million visitors to its physical locations and almost 4.5 million visits to its website. More than 4.4 million items circulated. Almost 238,000 participants attended 13,894 programs offered inside and outside of Library buildings. In 2017, 1,291 volunteers generously contributed 37,408 hours of service to support their neighbors and more than 3,800 individuals and organizations contributed financially to the Library to support essential services. With the support of our community, people of all ages have free and equal access to information and life-long learning opportunities.


Ms Cindy Gerber Treasurer
Mr Bruce Kraus Secretary
Ms Carol Robinson Chair
Mr Percy Simpson Vice Chair
Mr Gregory Zovko Vice Chair
Ms Linda Barsevich Assistant Treasurer
Ms Karlyn Voss Assistant Secretary
Mr Russell Ayres Trustee
Mr Marc Brown Trustee
Ms Carolina Beyers Trustee
Ms Kim Berkeley Clark Trustee
Mr Jay Costa Trustee
Mr John Defazio Trustee
Ms Betty Cruz Trustee
Mr Roy Dorrance Trustee
Mr Patrick Dowd Trustee
Mr Tom Galante Trustee
Ms Mary Alice Gorman Trustee
Mr Paul Harper Trustee
Mr Eric Kratsa Trustee
Mr Jeremy Kubica Trustee
Mr R. Daniel Lavelle Trustee
Ms Jacqui Fiske Lazo Trustee
Ms Barbara Logan Trustee
Mr Lafe Metz Trustee
Ms Alice Mitinger Trustee
Mr Matthew Mohn Trustee
Mr Stephen Perkins Trustee
Mr Raymond Robinson Trustee
Ms Natalia Rudiak Trustee
Ms Pat Siger Trustee
Mr Thomas Sumpter Trustee
Mr Lou Testoni Trustee
Mr Randy Vulakovich Trustee
Ms Diane Powell Trustee
Ms Deb Gross Trustee
Ms Carolyn Hess Abraham Trustee
Ms Mary Murrin Trustee
Ms Lashawnda Thomas Trustee
Mr Sam Demarco Trustee
Ms Huma Mohiuddin Trustee
Ms Cary Reed Trustee
Ms Mary Frances Cooper President & Director
Ms Molly Bennett Director, Communications &
Ms Susan Banks Deputy Director
Ms Patricia Winter Director, Development
Mr Ron Graziano Director, Facilities Devel
Mr Robert Toby Greenwalt Director, Digital Strategy
Mr Paul Vanderwiel Director, Human Resources
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