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Founded in 1983 by Dr. Gene E. Likens, the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies is a leader in applying the ecosystem approach to some of society's most pressing problems, from the quantity and quality of freshwater resources to the health of our forests. The Institute is dedicated to the creation, dissemination and application of knowledge about ecological systems. This knowledge is created through scientific research, disseminated through teaching, writing, and exhibits, and applied through participation in decision-making regarding the ecological management of natural resources and through promotion of a broader awareness about the importance of ecological relationships to human welfare.


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June 2019
+6% Growth
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Unbiased environmental research to advance understanding of ecological systems and climate change. We provide solutions for environmental problems. Our staff are global experts in the ecology of cities, disease, forests and freshwater.



Innovative education programs to promote ecoliteracy for all ages. We serve k-12 students and teachers through school programs, summer camp, data jams, teacher workshops and curriculum. We provide research experience for undergraduate students. We offer research experience, courses and mentoring for graduate students.



Translate science in many ways that advance the public's understanding of environmental issues and inform public policy. We share our findings widely and provide lectures, forums, tours, field guides and maps to research our property. Our programs are generally free and open to the public.


Scott Ulm Chair
Steven M. Benardete Vice Chair
Edward A. Ames Secretary
Sarah A. Gillman Treasurer
Holly A. Talbot Director of Admin./comptroller
Irene Banning Board of Trustees
Timothy Bontecou Board of Trustees
Hugo Cassirer Board of Trustees
J. Barclay Collins Board of Trustees
Francis Beinecke Board of Trustees
Elizabeth R. Hilpman Board of Trustees
Soohyung Kim Board of Trustees
Bruce W. Ling Board of Trustees
Thomas E. Lovejoy Board of Trustees
Christopher J. Mckenzie Board of Trustees
Eric W. Roberts Board of Trustees
Ralph Schmidt Board of Trustees
Martin Senzel Board of Trustees
Allan P. Shope Board of Trustees
Emily Bernhardt Board of Trustees
Serena H. Whitridge Board of Trustees
James Williams Board of Trustees
Everette Joseph Board of Trustees
Joshua Ginsberg President
Stuart Findlay Senior Scientist
Dr Gary M. Lovett Senior Scientist
Dr Richard S. Ostfeld Senior Scientist
Dr Steward Ta Pickett Distinguished Senior Scientist
Kathleen C. Weathers Senior Scientist
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