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Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) is comprised of 17 coastal state chapters spanning the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic and Pacific coasts. CCA's strength is drawn from the tens of thousands of recreational saltwater anglers who make up its membership. From South Texas to the upper reaches of Maine, CCA's grassroots influence is felt through state capitals, U.S. Congress and, most importantly, in the conservation and restoration of our coastal marine resources. CCA's unmatched breadth and depth of volunteer involvement has made it the largest marine conservation group of its kind. Its grassroots network and unique combination of membership, fundraising and advocacy have enacted positive change on all levels of coastal marine conservation and management.


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December 2019
+5% Growth
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Numerous programs focusing on habitat management and restoration, enforcement, research, education and passage of pro-resource legislation including restoration of oyster reefs and oyster populations, augmentation of species via hatchery programs, creation of artificial reefs, sea grass and mangrove plantings, donation of equipment to enforcement agencies including boats, bullet proof vests, night vision equipment, video equipment, etc., graduate and undergraduate scholarships in the marine science areas of study, catch and release mortality practices, tagging studies, etc. Pro-resource legislation includes the passing of sensible regulations such as size, slot and bag limits, gear restriction, seasonal closures in spawning areas, game fish status, licensing requirements, etc.


Publication of TIDE magazine & Rising Tide newsletter and distribution to nearly 100,000 members. The publications educate the membership about conservation issues and promote responsible utilization of marine resources.


Publication and distribution of state chapter newsletters to members. The newsletters inform the membership of local conservation and fisheries management issues.


Gary Loomis Vice President & Director
Gus Schram III Treasurer & Director
John Carlson Vice Chairman & Director
Mark Ray Vice Chairman & Director
Michael Kennedy Vice President & Director
Robert Donlin Secretary & Director
Robert Hayes Vice President & Director
Russell Kent Vice President & Director
Kristen Young CFO
Patrick Murray President
Adam Gelber Director
Alex Jernigan Director
Allen Shields III Director
Andrew Boyd Director
Andrew Marks Director
April Depaola Director
Bart Reese Director
Ben Graham Director
Ben Vaughan III Director
Ben Vaughan Iv Director
Bentley Curry Jr. Director
Bert Owens Director
Bill Bird Director
Bill Daugherty Director
Bill Schwickrath Director
Bill Shedd Director
Billy Byrd Director
Bob Brumby Director
Bob Lorenz Director
Bruce Polley Director
Camp Matens Director
Carl Williams Director
Carter Fourrier Director
Cary Kresge Director
Charles Graml Director
Charlie Caplinger Director
Chester Brewer Director
Chris Barker Director
Chris Elkins Director
Chris Hawley Director
Chris Peterson Director
Chris Smisek Director
Christopher Bean Director
Chuck Ledet Director
Claude Jennings Jr. Director
Cory Huggins Director
Dale Ballard Director
Dan Johnson Director
Dana Roberts Director
Danny Raymond Director
Dave Schamp Director
Dave Sass Director
Denny Martin Director
Dexter Peacock Director
Don Perkins Director
Don Roberts Director
Donald Hall Ii Director
Donald Mcdougall Jr. Director
Donald Swanson Director
Donald Willis Director
Douglass Boyd Director
Ed Landgraf Director
Ed Liccione Director
Edward Francis Director
Edwin Lamberth Director
Elizabeth Hewitt Director
Erik Delong Director
Fj Eicke Director
Frank Bonanno Director
Frank Haw Director
Frank Kearney III Director
Frank Unger Director
Fred Crabill Director
Fred Owen III Director
Gary Burdette Director
Gary Kuecker Director
Gene Bell Director
Gene Walpole Director
George Huye Director
Gray Cane Director
Greg Hurt Director
Howard Mason Jr. Director
Jack Smith Director
James Schroeder Director
Jamie Mclean Director
Jason Miller Director
Jay Brown Director
J. Scott Green Director
Jd Dickenson Director
Jeff Miller Director
Jim Bridwell Director
Jim Hardin Director
Jim Williams Jr. Director
Joe Koshkin Director
Joe Neber Director
John Ballotti Director
John Franck Director
John Griffith Director
John Pinder Director
John Roberts Director
John Sour Director
John Walther Director
John Zimmerman Director
Jon Haas Director
Jon Vigre Director
Karl Wickstrom Director
Keith Johnson Director
Keith Richardson Director
Kevin Kelley Director
Kevin Rose Director
Kirk Patterson Director
Kirk Sieber Director
Kyle Harris Director
Lange Sykes Director
Luke Britz Director
Lynn Buerer Director
Mac Mckeever Director
Malcolm Danos Director
Marc Mouton Director
Mark Carter Director
Matt Grant Director
Matt Olson Director
Michael Mark Director
Michael Petit Director
Michael Wren Director
Mike Wissel Director
Mitch Kalter Director
Norman Trubee Director
Owen Johnson Director
Pat Cowles Director
Paul Giordano Director
Paul Roberts Director
Pb Candies Director
Randall Poelma Director
Randy Theriot Director
Raye Woodin Director
Rich Donaldson Director
Richard Berry Director
Rick Roberts Director
Robert Fondren Sr. Director
Rocky Carter Director
Rocky Chase Director
Roger Radke Director
Ron Crowder Director
Ron Owens Director
Ronald Luster Jr. Director
Ronald Luster Sr. Director
Ros Shirley Director
Russell Cunningham Director
Rusty Vincent Director
Ryan Therrell Director
Sandy Safely Director
Scott Bandy Director
Scott Deal Director
Scott Emslie Director
Scott Sigle Director
Sherman Click Director
Snoop Roth Director
Spencer Collins Director
Stan Brogdon Director
Statira Overstreet Director
Steve Bowler Director
Steve Furman Director
Thomas Bell Director
Thomas Hollingshead Director
Tim Strickland Director
Tim Tarver Director
Todd Sharpe Director
Tom Roller Director
Tom Rood Director
Tom Welch III Director
Troy Williamson Ii Director
Venable Proctor Director
Wd Morris Jr. Director
W. Dale Scott Director
Wesley Blacksher Director
Will Herbert Director
William Bass Director
William Camp Director
William Raab Sr. Director
William Strieber Director
Mitch Brownlee Chairman & Director
Brian Gorski Executive Director
David Cresson Executive Director
Robert Byers Executive Director
William G. Kinney III Tournament Director
Charles Trascher Development Director
Daniel Askin General Manager
John Blaha Director of Habitat
Richen Brame Director of Fisheries
Robert Taylor State Development Director
Theodore W. Venker Communications Director
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