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C2ES advances strong policy and action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote clean energy, and strengthen resilience to climate impacts. A key objective is a national market-based program to reduce emissions cost-effectively. We believe a sound climate strategy is essential to ensure a strong, sustainable economy. We are: - A Trusted Source - Ranking regularly among the top environmental think tanks in the world, C2ES provides timely, impartial information and analysis on our pressing climate and energy challenges. - A Bridge-Builder - We bring city, state, and national policymakers together with businesses and other stakeholders to achieve common understanding and consensus solutions. - A Policy Innovator - We develop market-based solutions and other practical policy approaches that deliver real and lasting climate progress. - A Catalyst for Business Action - We work with Fortune 500 companies to strengthen business action and business support for effective climate policy.


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Domestic Policy


C2ES works with communities across the U.S. to forge climate solutions. We produced reports and webinars on topics ranging from preparing for extreme heat impacts, to financing microgrids, to promoting energy efficiency and electric transportation in low income communities. Our climate resilience program provided communities like Miami Beach, Phoenix, and Providence with expert guidance on constituent outreach, evaluating risks, and prioritizing the right solutions for their communities. We engaged on federal issues, such as standards for light duty vehicles and the electric power sector. We held educational campaigns on carbon capture for storage or commercial use, and we helped gain tax credits for carbon capture.

International Policy


C2ES continues work with international negotiators to build consensus on how to implement the Paris Agreement. In addition, last spring, we rallied support from 25 major companies in full-page ads in the New York Times, New York Post, and Wall Street Journal urging President Trump to remain in the Paris Agreement. C2ES organized a number of events at United Nations climate talks showcasing U.S. climate action and commitments from cities, states, and the business community toward meeting U.S. climate goals. We were honored to once again rank as one of the world's top environmental think tanks in the University of Pennsylvania's Global Go To Think Tank Index.

Business Innovation


C2ES convenes business climate leaders, helping them learn from one another, and encouraging businesses to do more. We organized public events in Washington, DC and at Climate Week NYC where top company executives outlined how and why they are seizing the opportunities of a clean energy economy. Our seventh annual Climate Leadership Conference and Awards brought hundreds of influential climate, energy, and sustainability professionals to Denver to exchange ideas on policy, innovation, and business solutions. We also produced reports and webinars to highlight innovative business practices to reduce climate impacts, such as internal carbon pricing and disclosing climate-related financial risks.


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