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The Center for Food Safety is a 501c3, U.S. environmental, non-profit organization, based in Washington, D.C. It maintains an office in San Francisco, California. The executive director is Andrew Kimbrell, an attorney. Its stated mission is to protect human health and the environment, focusing on food production technologies such as genetically modified plants and organisms. It was founded in 1997.

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For Its Program On "genetically Engineered (ge) Crops" (also Called


Agricultural biotechnology:), cfs continued its work challenging usda and other government agencies for not adequately reviewing the environmental and economic impacts of ge crops. This work included submitting policy comments to these agencies to ensure they are complying with environmental and other laws, and educating the public and policymakers about the impacts of ge crops.

For Its Programs On Cafo


Cfs works to reform factory farms that are harmful to public health and the environment through legal actions, grassroots campaigns and public education.


For its program on pollinators, cfs worked to educate the public, policymakers, and others about the environmental impacts of pesticides on bees and other pollinators. This included policy comments to government agencies to ensure they are complying with environmental and other laws.


Randy Hayes Secretary
Adele Douglass President
Dan Imhoff Board Member
George Naylor Board Member
Amy Bricker Board Member
Andrew Kimbrell Executive Director
Deborah Koons Garcia Board Memebe
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