Central Park Conservancy

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Central Park Conservancy Inc
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The Central Park Conservancy is a private, nonprofit park conservancy that manages Central Park under a contract with the City of New York and NYC Parks. The conservancy employs 80% of maintenance and operations staff in the park.

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Annual Budget
June 2018
4% Loss
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Design and construction in connection with the restoration of central park as america's foremost urban public space. The conservancy has carried out a restoration management plan for the park, and managed the capital restoration of a number of significant landscapes and facilities.

As the Official Manager of Central Park, the Conservancy Is Responsible for the Day-to-day Maintenance Operation of the Park. Activities Include


Landscape maintenance, playground maintenance, tree care, turf care, and preservation of historic monuments. The conservancy has set new standards in excellence in park care. It has transformed central park into a model for urban parks worldwide.

The Conservancy's Public Programs Take Advantage of the Invaluable Resources in Central Park Providing Education, Recreation, and Volunteer Programs That Serve the Community. in Addition, the Conservancy Provides Services at the Five Following Visitor Centers in the Park


Charles a. Dana discovery center, north meadow recreation center, belvedere castle, the dairy visitor center and gift shop, and chess and checkers house.


Ms Jane Bayard Vice Chair & General Trustee
Mr Douglas Blonsky President/ceo
Mr Michael Grobstein Treasurer & General Trustee
Mr Kenneth H. Heitner Esq. Secretary/counsel/gen. Trustee
Mr Thomas L. Kempner Jr. Board Chair & General Trustee
Mr Christopher Nolan Ex-officio / COO / Cp Adim
Mr Stephen Spinelli Chief Financial Officer
Ms Jane Mcintosh VP for Philanthropy
Ms Kathryn Ortiz Controller
Ms Laura Hall VP for Dev, Wc & Special Event
Mrs Suzie Aijala Ex-officio/wc
Ms Judy Hart Angelo General Trustee
Ms Elizabeth H. Atwood General Trustee
Mr Jeff T. Blau General Trustee
Hon Gale A. Brewer Ex-officio
Mrs Judith M. Carson General Trustee
Mr Richard Cashin General Trustee
Ms Suzanne Cochran General Trustee
Ms Kelly C. Coffey General Trustee
Mr Martin Cohen General Trustee
Ms Norma T. Dana General Trustee
Ms Angela Diaz Appointed Community Trustee
Mr Bennett Goodman General Trustee
Ms Alice Gottesman General Trustee
Mr Nicholas A. Gravante Jr. Appointed Trustee
Ms Maxine Griffith Appointed Trustee
Mrs Anne S. Harrison General Trustee
Mrs Jane Heller General Trustee
Ms Amabel James General Trustee
Mr Jonathan Korngold General Trustee
Mrs Sheila Labrecque General Trustee
Ms Jill Lafer Appointed Trustee
Mrs Alexia Leuschen Ex-officio/wc President of 6/5/18
Mrs Carol Sutton Lewis General Trustee
Mr Robert C. Lieber Appointed Trustee
Mr Jay P. Mandelbaum General Trustee
Mrs Leni May General Trustee
Mr Eugene Mercy Jr. General Trustee
Mrs Gillian Miniter General Trustee
Mr Charles A. Myers Appointed Trustee
Mrs Amelia Ogunlesi General Trustee
Mr John Paulson General Trustee
Ms Deborah Roberts General Trustee
Mr Joe L. Roby General Trustee
Mr Eric Rudin General Trustee
Ms Jacqueline Sackler General Trustee
Mrs Sigrid Schafer General Trustee
Mr Richard G. Schneidman General Trustee
Mrs Donna Schwartz General Trustee
Ms Laureen E. Seeger General Trustee
Mr Norman C. Selby General Trustee
Mr Alfred J. Shuman General Trustee
Hon Mitchell J. Silver Ex-officio
Mr Ajc Smith General Trustee
Mr John Steinhardt General Trustee
Ms Erana M. Stennett General Trustee
Mr John Stossel General Trustee
Mr Stuart Subotnick General Trustee
Mr Jeff Tarr Jr. General Trustee
Ms Mary Wallach General Trustee
Ms Anne Williams-isom Appointed Community Trustee
Ms Elizabeth W. Smith President/ceo As of 3/1/18
Ms Mila Brogan VP of Institute
Ms Lane N. Addonizio VP for Planning, Design & Cons
Ms Sheila G. Kendall Assoc. VP of Human Resources
Ms Abigail D. Healy Assoc. VP of Development
Ms Beth M. Haskell Assoc. VP for Information Tech
Ms Teresa L. Carta Assoc. VP of Institute
Ms Sandra E. Huber Assoc. VP of Operations Mgmt
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