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The Council on Foreign Relations, founded in 1921, is a United States nonprofit think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. It is headquartered in New York City, with an additional office in Washington, D.C. Its membership, which numbers 4,900, has included senior politicians, more than a dozen secretaries of state, CIA directors, bankers, lawyers, professors, and senior media figures.

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+4% Growth
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The David Rockefeller Studies Program


CFR's "think tank" - comprises more than seventy full-time, part-time, and visiting scholars and practitioners, called fellows. They hail from varied backgrounds, including academia, government, the media, and the private sector, and provide analysis on the significant issues shaping today's global agenda. Fellows monitor developments in the major regions and countries around the world and study topics such as defense policy, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, global governance, energy, trade, international economics and finance, climate change, development, global health, and cyber and digital policy.


Foreign Affairs has long been America's leading forum for serious discussion of foreign policy and international affairs. It presents clear thinking by knowledgeable observers on important issues, written to be read with ease and pleasure by professionals and general readers alike. Reflecting the same commitment to nonpartisanship as the Council itself, Foreign Affairs identifies with no one school of thought and encourages a wide range of debate in its pages to assist readers in thinking for themselves about America's role in the world.


CFR's Meetings Programs provide a nonpartisan forum for informed policy debate for CFR members together with policymakers, world leaders, academic experts, and prominent thinkers. With programming in New York, Washington, D.C., and throughout the country, CFR's Meetings Programs feature a wide range of speakers and viewpoints to help participants to better understand the pressing foreign policy issues of the day.


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Richard N. Haass President
David M. Rubenstein Chairman
Jami Miscik Vice Chairman
Blair Effron Vice Chairman
Keith C. Olson Executive VP, CFO & Treasurer
James M. Lindsay Senior VP & Director of Studies
Nancy D. Bodurtha VP, Meetings and Membership
Irina Faskianos Vp,national Program & Outreach
Suzanne E. Helm VP, Philanthropy & Relations
Jan-marie Hughes VP, HR and Administration
Lisa K. Shields Vp,glob Comm & Media Relations
Jeffrey A. Reinke Secretary of the Corporation
Caroline N. Netchvolodoff VP Education
Shannon O'neil VP, Deputy Dir. of Studies
John P. Abizaid Director
Zo Baird Director
Alan S. Blinder Director
Mary Mcinnis Boies Director
David G. Bradley Director
R. Nicholas Burns Director
Steven A. Denning Director
Laurence D. Fink Director
J. Tomilson Hill Director
Donna J. Hrinak Director
Shirley Ann Jackson Director
Eduardo J. Padrn Director
John A. Paulson Director
Margaret G. Warner Director
Vin Weber Director
Ruth Porat Director
Susan Hockfield Director
James G. Stavridis Director
Daniel H. Yergin Director
Timothy F. Geithner Director
Stephen J. Hadley Director
James Manyika Director
Richard L. Plepler Director
Tony Coles Director
David M. Cote Director
William H. Mcraven Director
Janet A. Napolitano Director
Sylivia Mathews Burwell Director
Ashton B. Carter Director
James P. Gorman Director
Laurene Powell Jobs Director
Fareed Zakaria Director
Gideon G. Rose Editor, Foreign Affairs
Miriam Higgins General Counsel
Valerie B. Post Director of Special Events
Giovanna Ban CIO
Iva Zoric Managing Director
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