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Child Aid's mission is to create opportunity for Latin America's rural and indigenous poor through childhood literacy and education programs. We conduct reading programs in partnership with nearly 100 public schools in Guatemala. We provide critical training and one-on-one coaching to teachers and put books into the hands of thousands of children. Child Aid's literacy work provides the means for children to break out of poverty and build better lives for themselves and their families.


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Activities that support literacy development include an integrated 4-year intervention to change teacher practice and knowledge through 8 workshops and 16 follow-ups over the period of the intervention. We conduct additional coaching and development of literacy activities in schools. We also provide a sizable number of high quality, spanish language books to schools. Finally, we provide books and train librarians to lead a school- break, book club program called adventures in reading. In 2018: 1. We provided 87 workshops for teachers at 91 schools, comprising 882 teachers and provided 3,147 individual coaching follow-up sessions benefiting 18,023 students. 2. We distributed a total of 32,196 spanish-language children's books to the schools and libraries we worked with. 3. We held 45 adventures in reading training workshops. We provided books and trainings that led to schools carrying out our school break book club program, adventures in reading with a total of 1,388 children participating.

Grants and Oversight To Other Organizations Within Our Broad Educational Mission


Fundit (fundacin de desarollo integral de el tejar): since 1996, child aid has partnered with this locally run organization. Fundit operates a montessori-style preschool; a community library; a school scholarship program; and a music program for poor children in the town of el tejar, guatemala. Child aid provides the majority of the support for the school, and funds ongoing scholarships for preschool, primary, junior high and high school students in el tejar. Child aid has hired a full-time consultant to provide managerial and financial oversight of fundit.

Grants and Oversight To Other Organizations Within Our Broad Educational Mission


Coral (centro oaxaqueo de rehabilitacin de audicin y lenguaje): rehabilitative educational and diagnostic services for poor and underserved deaf and hearing impaired children. Located in oaxaca, mexico, coral was founded by child aid founders nancy press and rick carroll, and continues to receive support and help in obtaining funding from us-based nonprofits whose primary mission is hearing services and education. In 2018, child aid paid for the consulting services of a part-time speech therapist from the us, who now lives in oaxaca. She provided on the ground training and oversight to coral.


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