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Founded in 2014, Christian Thinkers Society is a religion-related nonprofit focused on christianity. It is a relatively small organization, with $158k in revenue and 1 employees. Christian Thinkers Society is headquartered in Richmond, TX and its president is Dr Jeremiah J. Johnston as of December, 2019.


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December 2018
+64% Growth
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The Apologetics Ministry & Influence of Christian Thinkers Society (cts) Was Never Timelier or More Urgently Needed Than During the Worst Natural Disaster in American History


Hurricane Harvey. As emergency evacuees and in the aftermath of the storm, Dr. Jeremiah & Audrey Johnston ministered to the nation by urging faith in God in the midst of adversity and trials. Dr. Johnston, his wife Audrey, and their 5 children (including 13-month old triplets) were emergency evacuated & displaced while Fort Bend County was under mandatory evacuation. It was during this time of trial that they appeared on Fox & Friends, AC 360 Anderson Cooper, Inside Politics with John King, NewsMax, Varney & Co. on Fox Business Network (this list is not exhaustive), and wrote

Numerous Op-eds for Fox News Answering the Question "why Did God Allow Hurricane Harvey?" As a Fox News Contributor, Dr. Johnston's Fox News Oped


"How am I supposed to get my five children up on the roof?" went viral and his article ended with a request to audaciously trust God citing 2 Corinthians 4:17-18. CTS conducted 20 major apologetics events continuing the unique theme of "Unanswered." The Unanswered tour included major arena events, mega church services, university outreaches, and a major conference in London in partnership with Premier Chrisitan Radio reaching hundreds of pastors and Christian leaders in the United Kingdom. The scale, preparation, prayer support and content creation for these events was

Scaled To Meet the Increased Needs of the Ministry's Growing Audience and Constituency. Unanswered


Lasting Truth for Trending Questions was released in Korean in partnership with YWAM publishing. Dr. Johnston conducted a major event in his home city of Houston, TX preaching at Houston's First Baptist Church on "Body of Proof: Evidenc for the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus and CTS gave away 5,000 free copies of the Unanswered book to all the families attending the services. These books were used far and wide to help so many Hous- tonians still displaced from Hurricane Harvey which helped them to answer the "Why" questions. [continued on Schedule O]


Audrey L. Johnston Secretarytreasurer
Dr Craig A. Evans Board Member
Jeff Anderson Board Member
Dr Robert B. Sloan Board Member
Jennifer Butler Board Member
Dr Jeremiah J. Johnston President
Source: IRS 990