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The Civil Air Patrol is a congressionally chartered, federally supported non-profit corporation that serves as the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force. CAP is a volunteer organization with an aviation-minded membership that includes people from all backgrounds, lifestyles, and occupations.

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Emergency Services


Cap supported search and rescue (sar) missions across the country. Cap saved lives on these sar missions tasked by the air force rescue coordination center and joint rescue coordination centers. Personnel supported homeland security efforts by flying cap aircrafts in intercept training for the air force and the department of homeland security. Cap also flew in support of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies on drug interdiction missions along the border, over federal property, and in support of combined federal, state, and local task forces resulting in illegal drugs, currency, and property being seized by those agencies along with arrests being made. Cap also responded to numerous natural disasters, primarily taking aerial photographs for use by local officials and responders to assess damage allocating their own funds and resources effectively. With volunteer members from various backgrounds and cap's extensive professional development and training, cap delivers quality and reliable services that are also cost-effective.

Cadet Programs


The cap cadet program transforms youth aged 12 to 20 into responsible citizens and aerospace leaders. Cadets develop leadership skills, explore career opportunities in aerospace and cyber, become physically fit, and embrace a set of lifelong core values through service learning projects, mentoring opportunities, and high adventure activities, such as opportunities to fly powered aircraft and gliders, making the program exciting and motivating the youth to excel academically and as young adults. The cadet experience challenges and inspires youth unlike anything available through school, sports, or clubs. Today's cadets are tomorrow's aerospace leaders.

Aerospace Education and Training


Cap's aerospace education programs and resource materials, emphasizing the stem subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math, were used by students and teachers nationwide. New stem kits, to include robotics, remote-controlled aircrafts, flight simulators, astronomy, weather stations, rockets, quad copters, and hydraulic engineering were developed to expand cap members' knowledge of stem-related areas. Cap offers educators a special aerospace education membership (aem) that includes access to over 35 educational products, orientation flights, grants, awards, and professional development. Cap aems flew in orientation flights to learn first-hand about the flight principles and career opportunities, and to share with students in their classrooms and youth development programs. The unique "aerospace connections in education" (ace) program for grades k-6 impacted students across the country and is introducing aerospace and stem to young students.


Don Rowland Prior Chief Operating Offi
Susan Easter Former Chief Financial Officer
Rafael Robles Nhq General
John Salvador Chief Operating Officer
Paul Gloyd Assistant Chief Operating Officer
Lt Gen Judith Fedder Chairman, Board of Governo
Col J. Bradford Lynn Vice Chairman, Board of Go
Robert Corsi Jr. Board of Governors
Maj Gen Sandra Finan Board of Governors
Brig Gen Kenneth P. Ekman Board of Governors
Col Jayson Altieri Board of Governors
Lt Col Thomas Vreeland Board of Governors
Col Dale Newell Board of Governors
George Perry Board of Governors
Maj Gen Teresa Marne Peterson Board of Governors
Stacey Bechdolt Board of Governors
Larry Kauffman Senior Director
Gary Schneider Senior Director
John Desmarais Senior Director
Julie Debardelaben Senior Director
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