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Clean Water Fund (CWF) works to develop strong grassroots environmental leadership and to bring together diverse constituencies to work cooperatively for changes that improve their lives, focused on health, consumer, environmental and community problems. Since 1978, Clean Water Fund has helped people campaign successfully for cleaner and safer water, cleaner air, and protection from toxic pollution in our homes, neighborhoods and workplaces. Clean Water Fund's programs build on and complement those of Clean Water Action, which has helped develop, pass, strengthen and defend the nation's major water and toxics laws.


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December 2019
+1% Growth
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Environmental Health - Programs To Protect Public Health By Reducing Exposure To Toxic Chemicals and Health Threatening Pollution


- advancing "upstream" solutions to keep toxic chemicals out of consumer products and cosmetics. - protecting vulnerable populations, especially children, from toxic harm, recognizing their increased sensitivity.

Clean and Safe Water - Programs To Protect and Promote Clean Water and Healthy Communities Through


- "upstream" pollution prevention to protect drinking water sources and keep toxics out of our water. - energy choices that protect water and create jobs, stronger protections from pollution due to fossil fuel development and power plant operation. - controls on pollution from farms and from paved surfaces and lawns in developed areas. - smarter water systems and green infrastructure to manage and conserve water. - increased investment to improve systems and infrastructure for water protection, treatment and distribution, and strengthen drinking water source protection

Sustainable Energy and Climate Change - Programs Address a Broad Range of Water-energy Concerns


- toxic water pollution from power plants - climate change and greenhouse gas emissions - water and air pollution from fossil fuel production and use, including drilling and fracking for oil and gas - smart growth, transportation and sustainable development - energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy development


Maxine Lipeles Chair
Kathleen Aterno Asst. Sec. & National Manager
Dianne Akabli Secretary
Katharine Reid Koeze Director
William Fontenot Director
David Hahn-baker Director
Vernice Miller-travis Director
Robert Wendelgass President
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