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Conservation Law Foundation is an environmental advocacy organization based in New England. Since 1966, CLF's mission has been to advocate on behalf of the region's environment and its communities.

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Clean energy & climate changeclf is fighting for a healthy climate and resilient communities across new england. Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time. Its impacts will be felt around the world, and we here in new england will not be immune. Clf has been working to address the root causes of climate change for decades and have played a part in critical milestones to curb its progress. We helped design the country's first cap-and-trade program; shut down dirty, outdated coal plants across the region; and pushed for the development of new, clean energy projects.


Oceansthe ocean plays an integral role in new englanders' lives, our economy, and our communities. Clf has safeguarded new england's ocean for decades, from blocking oil and gas drilling on georges bank, to curbing overfishing, to pioneering smart ocean planning across the region. We fight for a clean, healthy, productive ocean to ensure that endangered right whales can recover from the brink of extinction, our waters can once again abound with cod and our fisheries flourish, and our most fragile habitats can be protected forever from overfishing and industrial exploitation.


Clean air and waterclean air and water are fundamental human rights. But too many people do not have access to these rights today. Clf is working to hold polluters accountable to the clean water and clean air acts, fighting for protections and creative solutions to keep water pollution from wreaking havoc on our communities, and pushing for more stringent drinking water standards to protect our families from toxic chemicals and lead poisoning.


Sara Molyneaux Chair
Peter Nessen Vice Chair
Gordon Hall III Vice Chair
David W. Ellis Vice Chair
Andy Falender Treasurer
Thaleia T. Schlesinger Clerk
Eugene H. Clapp Trustee
Dan Amory Esq. Trustee
M. Robin Barone Esq. Trustee
Douglas I. Foy Trustee
Alice Chamberlin Trustee
John S. Hammond III Trustee
Whitney Hatch Trustee
Thea James Trustee
Paul Lee Trustee
Lois Schiffer Trustee
John T. Goodhue Trustee
Ekongkar Singh Khalsa Trustee
Kate Kilguss Trustee
Travis Mccready Trustee
Sharon Malt Trustee
Bradley Campbell President
Katharine Grove VP of Development
Peter Shelley Senior Counsel
Sean M. Mahoney Executive Vice President a
Carol Renee Gregory VP of Communications and M
Christopher Dempsey Director, Transporation of Ma
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