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The Center for Climate Strategies aids state government bodies and their stake holders tackle climate change issues by fostering consensus-based actions through collaboration and advanced technical assistance.

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International Policy Advancement Including Sub National, National, and Multilateral


Ccs is expanding its well-recognized and highly successful template for comprehensive sub-national climate action planning to other nations through information exchange, training and capacity building, technical studies and support, institutional partnerships, and launches of climate planning processes. Our current initiatives include work with border states of mexico and provinces of china. We envision other key nation initiatives. We also plan to continue dialogue and technical support international agreements and activities.

Domestic Policy Advancement Including State, Regional, and National


National: the ccs national policy advancement program identifies consensus based policy actions relevant to sub national and national actions, and appropriate mechanisms that link the two through existing and or new law and policy. Our initiatives include comprehensive policy planning, implementation assistance, national "scale up and macroeconomic studies, technical and facilitative assistance, communications programs, capacity building, and institutional partnerships.state and multi-state: ccs will continue supporting state climate action planning and policy implementation by helping states develop and update plans, as well as implementing key actions through coordination with local or national government agencies, across agencies within state government, and with public private partnerships. This includes mitigation programs, as well as new parallel path adaptation programs. Our focus will include development, demonstration and deployment of policy actions that advance economic, energy and environmental security through fair and equitable policy approaches.regional and local: u.s. States have been setting greenhouse gas reduction goals and targets, developing comprehensive climate action plans, and creating innovation in a range of areas as cities, counties, and regional governments have been engaged in parallel actions. To date the two efforts have not been well integrated. Through its work with municipal planning organizations, such as southern california association of governments, ccs is working with regional aggregations of local governments to provide the same type and level of support provided to states and provinces.

Source: IRS 990