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The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona responds to the root causes of hunger and seeks to restore dignity, health, opportunity and hope to people living in poverty. Our mission is to change lives in the communities we serve by feeding the hungry today, and building a healthy, hunger-free tomorrow.


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Health and Food Programs


Our hunger relief efforts involve activities aimed at providing healthy food to low income children, families, and seniors. In our past fiscal year, we distributed 71,119,542 total pounds of food, over 52 million pounds of which was fresh fruits and vegetables.These efforts involve service through our locations in Tucson, Amado, Green Valley, Marana, Willcox, and Nogales, and through our network of over 380 partner agencies - other non-profit and faith-based organizations working with us to end hunger. The activities making up this effort are as follows:We implement two major USDA programs: The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) and the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP). Through TEFAP, managed in partnership with the Arizona Department of Economic Security, we provided 394,103 food boxes reaching an estimated 189,166 individuals of all ages. Through CSFP, managed in partnership with the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Arizona Department of Economic Security, we provided supplemental food assistance to approximately 7,500 low income seniors each month, totaling about 8,500 unique people over the year. Both programs were operated directly by CFB and in conjunction with many organizations in our network of partners.Our child nutrition efforts specifically target food insecurity among children. The BackPack program engaged 20 community partners who provided volunteer and funding assistance, and distributed 62,143 packs of healthy food to nourish approximately 2,000 students over the weekend when they May not have enough to eat. The Afterschool Meals & Snacks Program provided approximately 59,755 after-school nutritionally balanced meals and 61,362 snacks to more than 1,032 children per day at local sites offering afterschool programming. The program operates in partnership with Caridad Community Kitchen, the USDA, and the Arizona Department of Education. Our School Pantry Program, launched in 2014 to increase access to healthy foods for the whole family, now serves over 472 families and 1,872 children.Our Health Initiatives team began analyzing the nutritional value of all food we distribute, and has expanded to include activities such as developing a therapeutic food box to manage diet-related diseases like diabetes; "Food as Medicine" nutrition education collaborations with local health clinics; and planning for an urban and rural Fruit and Vegetable "Prescription"/Food Pharmacy program. Our children's nutrition education program, Food Safari, provided semester-long lessons to 1,809 students in 15 after-school programs and parks and recreation sites, totaling 120 student hours. We also provided health education to approximately 1,830 adults and families participating in six monthly produce distribution events in Tucson and Amado; trained eight school parents participating in three of our school pantry food distribution sites to conduct nutrition education and recipe demonstrations to 420 families; taught about 30 student hours of the "Cooking Matters at the Store" curriculum; and reached 5,870 seniors with information about healthy eating and physical activity. We also work to capture food that would otherwise go to waste in our community. Fresh produce, meats, milk, cheese, eggs, and other goods are rescued from local retailers and distributed throughout our community. In the past fiscal year, we distributed over 10 million pounds of rescued and miscellaneous food through our network in southern Arizona.Finally, in partnership with the Association of Arizona Food Banks and St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance in Phoenix, AZ, we leverage our branch location in Nogales, AZ, located just four miles from the Nogales port of entry, to act as a produce sourcing hub for state and national hunger relief. Through these efforts, we capture fresh fruits and vegetables from domestic and international growers. This program supplied 32,632,879 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to other food banks, mostly those in Arizona.

Community Education and Development Programs


Our education and community development programs are designed to create opportunities for individuals and communities to become economically self-sufficient and to help lift everyone out of hunger. Major features of this work included:* Our Farm, Garden, and Farm-to-School teams provided education on food production to over 7,000 individuals. They also helped to install 8 gardens at schools and local agencies, while supporting many existing gardens. Overall, the program helped grow over 100,000 servings of locally grown food, while providing many new opportunities for community engagement, fellowship, and empowerment. * Our Local Food Pathways team managed two weekly farmers' markets, coordinated a shared market table and educational opportunities for a cooperative of more than 100 backyard gardeners, and oversaw the continuing development of a farm-to-institution value chain linking local farmers and their products to anchor institutions. These initiatives generated $370,000 in local food sales, the equivalent of over 1,000,000 servings of local food. The farmers' markets also provided education to 8,750 people.*In partnership with Feeding America, our national network of food banks, and the Association of Arizona Food Banks, we continue to advocate for successful "War on Poverty" interventions. These have included the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), the Commodity Supplemental Food Program for seniors (CFSP), as well as state and local policies that strengthen local food systems, including those favorable to local and urban agriculture. * We have made Community Organizing and civic engagement a priority and have invested resources in support of this work. Our Core Team has started to engage with institutional and community leaders to begin building coalitions and collective capacity around priority issues identified by the community. As a member organization, we have collaborated with over 25 institutions through the Pima County Interfaith Civic Education Organization (PCICEO) to work on these issues, including food insecurity. *We provided direct assistance to clients accessing governmental programs, including SNAP. Clients we have helped to enroll in SNAP benefits cumulatively received about 1 million meals-worth of food assistance through the program. * We operate Caridad Community Kitchen. Caridad runs a 10-week Culinary Training Program and, in the past year, provided 149,768 nutritious hot meals, sack lunches, and after school meals in our community. The Culinary Training Program provided 10,636 hours of training for individuals in the culinary arts; with an 80% employment rate, Caridad graduates are succeeding in the workplace, finding employment at Fox Restaurant Concepts, Casino Del Sol, Banner Medical Center, Costco, Red Robin, and more. In October of 2017, Caridad began producing senior meals, in partnership with Catholic Community Services and Pima Council on Aging, for both homebound seniors and seniors visiting congregate meal sites. Caridad produced a total of 193,888 senior meals in FY18.


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