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The Coalition On Temporary Shelter (COTS) was founded in 1981 to address Detroit's growing crisis of homelessness. Today, COTS manages three 24-hour facilities. Annually we serve approximately 2,000 Detroit area homeless people in our Emergency Shelter and approximately 260 individuals and families in our transitional and permanent housing programs. Through case management and a wide array of supportive services and housing programs, COTS helps homeless individuals and families break the cycle of homelessness by addressing the causes of their homelessness.


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June 2018
4% Loss
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Permanent Supportive Housing


This program sponsors 80 units of permanent supportive housing under the hud shelter plus care program, 10 units of supportive housing under a hud grant for individuals with disabilities at the buersmeyer manor apartments, 42 units of supportive housing for families in our pathways to housing program, and 30 units under the omega project, a collaborative effort with development centers, inc. The permanent supportive housing program links leasing/rental assistance to supportive services for hard-to-serve homeless individuals and families who have serious mental illnesses, have chronic history with alcohol or drugs, have hiv/aids, or other physical disabilities. This program provides grants to be used for rental assistance. Cots manages the housing aspect of each program.

Emergency Shelter


At the peterboro facility, 140 beds are available daily for families needing shelter, food and clothing.cots provides approximately 30,000 client days of shelter. In addition, to meet their immediate needs, cots provides case management and a wide array of supportive services to help shelter guests and housing residents return to self-sufficiency. Supportive services include the following: 1) licensed child care center, 2) laundry facilities, 3) computer labs, 4) daily meal service (3 meals daily), 5) clothing.

Transitional Services


These programs are intensive, goal oriented programs that involve regular case management, life skills programs and a variety of educational, health, mental health and employment services, directly or through referral to assist residents in building their capacity to assume economic self-sufficiency and independent living. Residents in these programs pay rent based on their income during their stay in the program, which can be up to 24 months.


Avery Williams Board President
Mary Kay Jerneycic Board Vice President
Micheal Friedman Board Secretary
Judy Gruner Board Treasurer
Reginald Conyers Chief Financial Officer
Sharyn Williams-johnson Chief Operating Officer
Frances Piccirilli Chief Development Officer
Joyce Johnson-maples Chief Human Resources Officer
Delphia Simmons Chief Strategy & Learning Officer
Timothy Anderson Board Member
Mark Denis Board Member
Mike Dingwall Board Member
Norman Schmitt Board Member
Sammye Vandiver Board Member
Mark Lanfear Board Member
Tony Saunders Board Member
Rita Fields Board Member
Linda Koos Board Member
Daniel Jerneycic Board Member
Cheryl P. Johnson Chief Executive Officer
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