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Since 1974, Creative Growth has played a significant role in increasing public interest in the artistic capabilities and achievements of people with disabilities.  Artwork created within our studio is exhibited directly in the Creative Growth gallery as well as in outside galleries, museums, and private collections throughout the world.  Our primary focus is to encourage and support artists with disabilities in the development and exhibition of their artwork.

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June 2018
+10% Growth
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Art and Development Program


An integrated program fostering artistic and personal growth in developmentally disabled adults. Approximately 100 people were served.


Held many exhibits during the year displaying the art of the developmentally disabled and making their work available for sale to the public.


Tom Di Maria Executive Direc
Becki Couch-alvarado Executive Direc
Stephen Walrod Director
Stephen Beal Director
Jamie Alexander Director
Jennifer Cooper Director
Stephen Goldblatt Director
Amy Guittard Director
Michael Hall Director
Jane Timberlake Director
Elizabeth Baker Director
Dee Hoover Director
Lional Shaw Director
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