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Founded in 1970, Dakotabilities is a human services nonprofit focused on developmentally disabled centers. It is a mid-sized organization, with $11m in revenue and 383 employees. Dakotabilities is headquartered in Sioux Falls, SD and its executive director is Robert Bohm as of June, 2019.


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June 2019
+1% Growth
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Residential services include providing food, housing, and in-home personal care such as assistance with feeding, bathing, toileting, etc. For 130 adults with developmental disabilities. These services are administered at approximately 18 homes/facilities located throughout sioux falls.*30% of people served are considered verbally capable with the remainder using augmentative devices, communication books or other devices.*10% of people served are considered physically capable of ambulation with the remainder using power or manual wheelchairs or other assistive devices. *15% of people served are considered capable of self-feeding with all others needing staff assistance of utilizing feeding machines such as g-tubes, j-tubes, etc.


Segregated day services include vocational training and educational services for 138 day and residential adult clients with developmental disabilities.


Nursing, physical therapy, speech, hearing and language, and other medical services for clients.


Jeff Jares President
Luke Garry Vice President
J. Michael Stebbins Secretary
Tom Weidenbach Treasurer
Cheryl Faundeen Treasurer - Left 9/2017
Rick Gilbertson Director of Finance
Robin Aden Director
Brian Anderson Director
Scott Anderson Director
Lauren Christensen Director
Steve Ciofalo Director - Left 9/2017
Dustin Haber Director
Dana Jackson Director
Stacey Mcmahan Director
Rocky Rehfeldt Director
John Rehurek Director
Chris Thorkelson Director
Doug Tribble Director
Paul Tschetter Director
Ashlee Wendt Director
Robert Bohm Executive Director
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