Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

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Dallas Arboretum & Botanical
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The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens was created to preserve history and nature. Though our gardens are comparatively young, we are leading the field in pursuit of our mission, which has four parts. We are a world-class display garden, committed to building and maintaining a public venue that:

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Annual Budget
December 2018
+3% Growth
Program Spending
Fundraising Spending
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Operated a botanical garden open to the general public. Provided opportunity for the public to view and to learn about a wide variety of flowers, woody plants, ornamental shrubs and trees. Attendance during 2017 was approximately 1,143,801 visitors.


Educated and stimulated the public's interest regarding botany. This was achieved through displays, lectures, workshops, and interactive activities to approximately 296,000 people comprising the adult and children education programs. Many of the children served are underprivileged.


Alan Walne Vice Chair
J. Mark Wolf Chairman
John Cuellar Secretary
William Mcdaniel Treasurer
Tina Roe CAO
Rebecca Billings-from 517 Svp-finance
Renell Hutton Svp-finance
Zachary Fee Director
Lisa Armstrong Director
Harold M. Brierley Director
Tom Cabe Director
Frankie Horn Director
Kirsten Kerrigan Director
Mac Calcano Director
Steve Baker Director
Joan Buchanan Hill Director
Barbara Bigham Director
Phil Huey Director
Katrina Keyes Director
Robin Carreker Director
Lynn Dauterman Director
Melora F. Leiser Director
Jennifer Mosle Director
Rosser Newton Director
Raamel Mitchell Director
Victor Ornelas Director
Ralph Hamm Director
Christopher Harris Director
Vince Chapa Director
Kaki Hopkins Director
Rod Gabel Director
Amy Mitchell Director
Kimberly Reasoner Hilley Director
Michael Jenkins Director
Katherine Glaze Lyle Director
Christopher Peters Director
Holly Reed Director
Dawna Richter Director
Jan Late Mcmillan Director
Jocelyn K. White Director
Al Olson Director
Willow Sanchez Director
Ed Perrin Director
Alicia Voltmer Director
Jane Pierce Director
Robert White Director
Annette Watkins Director
Mary Spencer Director
Dr Ann Stuart Director
Ken Barth Director
Gerald Worrall Director
Darren Boruff Director
Myriam Camargo Director
Lareatha Clay Director
Carl Ewert Director
Lisa Hembry Director
Dan Weinfurther Director
Darren James Director
Carol Poston Director
Stephen Sands Director
Sharon Ballew Director
Stefani D. Carter Director
Joel Barrett Director
Betty Crawford Director
Barry Epstein Director
Sandra Estess Director
John Holden Director
Rita Hortenstine Director
Christopher Jackson Director
Cynthia L. Gary Director
Dawn Moeder Director
Peter Sefzik Director
James Owen Hannay Director
Barbara Sypult Director
John Taylor Director
Mary Brinegar President & CEO
Charlotte Morrison VP Human Resources
David Forehand VP Gardens
John Armstrong VP Property Devel
Melissa Whisler Sen VP Sales & Dev
Allyson Marbut VP of Education
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