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Deep Roots incorporated in 2012 as a private, nonprofit organization.  Several of our founders and original board members have themselves experienced homelessness as children.  Originally focused on mentoring children who were or had been homeless, Deep Roots purchased and took over Clairvaux Farm, a transitional housing complex, and by 2013 began offering transitional housing and related services to families with minor children.  Mentoring children continues to be an important part of what we do, along with educational programming, afterschool classes, tutoring, fieldtrips, mental health support as well as case management services.  Parents are also guided through financial literacy, employment assistance and training, permanent housing assistance and other needed supports. Additionally, Deep Roots maintains ongoing contact, services and support with families who have successfully transitioned out of Deep Roots.

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December 2019
+14% Growth
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Ending Homelessness One Family and One Child at a Time


In addition to serving as a homeless shelter for children and families in the community, deep roots strives to break the generational cycle of homelessness. Our program encourages children and their parents to envision a brighter future, to sustain healthy relationships, and to navigate a course towards personal and social responsibility. Through better life experiences, with mentors, and by providing healthy life-models, education, and supports, deep roots seeks to show our families that homelessness is not destiny. Ending poverty and homelessness begins with the building of community, relationships, and in genuine human meeting - beyond barriers of race, class, and religion. Community enriches all our lives, and the lives of our children; it lays the foundation for the gentle and peaceable world we long for: one in which the violence of poverty and homelessness have no more place.


Russell H. Richardson Vice Presdie
Rachel Sykes-marut Secretary
Daniel Dombroski Treasurer
D. Carl Mazza Director
Audrey Kulick Director
Louise Stevens Director
Bridget Crew Director
Charles E. Stoner Jr. Director
Don Henderson Director
Leroy Thompson Director
James Logullo Director
Adrriane Baker Director
Theresa Martin President
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