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The Detroit Institute of Arts, located in Midtown Detroit, Michigan, has one of the largest and most significant art collections in the United States. With over 100 galleries, it covers with a major renovation and expansion project completed in 2007 that added. The DIA collection is regarded as among the top six museums in the United States with an encyclopedic collection which spans the globe from ancient Egyptian and European works to contemporary art. Its art collection is valued in billions of dollars, up to $8.1 billion according to a 2014 appraisal. The DIA campus is located in Midtown Detroit's Cultural Center Historic District, about two miles north of the downtown area, across from the Detroit Public Library near Wayne State University.

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Audience Engagement


From the first van gogh painting to enter a u.s. Museum to diego rivera's world-renowned "detroit industry" murals, the dia provides one-of-a-kind access to history and cultures not found in books, on tv or on the internet. Visitors experience tours in the galleries, special exhibitions, live music, films, art-making and family programs. The dia is visitor focused and attracts nearly 700,000 people annually. In addition to the wide array of events that celebrate detroit's rich cultural heritage and comeback, the dia is committed to celebrating the arts throughout the region, most notably with the nationally acclaimed inside/out installations of high-quality reproductions placed in local communities. In 2015 the wall street journal called the dia "the world's most visitor friendly museum."

Stewardship, Care, Access and Preservation of the Collection


The detroit institute of arts with a collection of over 62,000 artworks is among the top six encyclopedic museums in the united states. The museum serves a wide variety of audiences, celebrating the diversity and richness of art and culture from all times and places. Core to dia's stewardship activities is the long-term care and preservation of the collection for future generations. Dia provides one-of-a-kind access to real works of art through innovative gallery installations, world-class exhibitions, scholarship, interpretation and publications. In 2018 detroit free press quoted "the force will be strong with 'star wars and the 'play ball!: baseball at the dia' exhibitions, the museum is on a path toward increasing its reach and inclusivity."



The dia is a leader in education, providing free k-12 field trips to one of the nation's best art museums. The museum hosts more than 73,000 students annually. Students get a unique opportunity to see world renowned art work, history and culture not found in classrooms today. By integrating michigan's curriculum requirements, teachers have more opportunities to utilize the dia. Engagement strategies include critical thinking skills, hands-on activities, writing, role playing, dialogue and team building. A menu of 21 guided experiences help teachers determine which museum experience best reinforces curriculum learning outcomes. More than 1,300 teachers annually attend dia workshops that support core curriculum with strategies and resources that promote arts enrichment experiences for students.

Art Purchases


As a top encyclopedic art museum in the u.s., the dia purchases significant objects intended to enhance the artistic quality of its collection and to be relevant in our communities, helping tell the stories of cultures from around the world. Acquisitions through purchases use restricted funds established through donations made to the museum from its founding to the present day and specifically designated for art purchases.

Art Gifts


The dia acquires significant art objects through generous gifts to the museum from private donors.


Robert Bowen Executive Vice President/cfo/treasurer
Larry Alexander Board Member
Stephen Biegun Board Member
Lindsey Ford Buhl Board Member
Denise Anton David Board Member
Ethan Davidson Board Member
Lillian Demas Board Member
Marla Donovan Board Member
Nicole Eisenberg Board Member
Jennifer Fischer Board Member
Cynthia Ford Board Member
Anne G. Fredericks Board Member
Lawrence T. Garcia Board Member
Dr Antoine Garibaldi Board Member
Ralph J. Gerson Board Member
Jennifer Gilbert Board Member
Mary Ann Gorlin Board Member
Thomas Guastello Board Member
John Hantz Board Member
Laura Hughes Board Member
Dr James B. Jacobs Board Member
Robert Jacobs Board Member
Mary Kramer Board Member
David Larsen Board Member
Lori Maher Board Member
Hubert Massey Board Member
Dr Ali Moiin Board Member
Juliette Okotie-eboh Board Member
Peter B. Oleksiak Board Member
Takashi Omitsu Board Member
Linda Orlans Board Member
Jaques Panis Board Member
Jennifer Hudson Parke Board Member
Alex Parrish Board Member
Dr Irvin Reid Board Member
Donald Ritzenhein Board Member
Tony Saunders Board Member
Marc A. Schwartz Board Member
Renata Seals-evans Board Member
Sandra Seligman Board Member
Suzanne Shank Board Member
Christine Sitek Board Member
Buzz Thomas Board Member
Dr Lorna Thomas Board Member
Reginald M. Turner Jr. Board Member
Molly Valade Board Member
Padma Vattikuti Board Member
Carol Walters Board Member
Dr Celeste Watkins-hayes Board Member
Rhonda D. Welburn Board Member
Henry Wineman III Board Member
Mark Zeffiro Board Member
Eugene A. Gargaro Jr. Chairman
Bonnie Larson Vice Chair
John D. Lewis Vice Chair
Andrea Roumell Dickson Secretary
Howard W. Burdett Jr. Board Member - Partial Year
Mark A. Douglas Board Member - Partial Year
Chacona W. Johnson Baugh Board Member - Partial Year
Cynthia J. Pasky Board Member - Partial Year
Salvador Salort-pons Director, President and CEO
Elliott Broom Vice President of Museum Operations
Jennifer Czajkowski Vice President, Learning/audnc Engagement
Nii Quarcoopome Co-chief Curator & Dept Head of Aoia
Sondra Jenkins Executive Director Org Devel & HR
John Steele Vice President Exhibitions, Collection and Informa
Graham W. J. Beal Former Director, President and CEO
Margaret Falcon Former Vice President, Development
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