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Direct Relief is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with a stated mission to "improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergency situations by mobilizing and providing essential medical resources needed for their care."

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June 2019
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Community Health Program


Direct relief, through its community health initiatives, equips health professionals in low-resource settings with the medical resources they need to diagnose, treat, and care for their patients - regardless of ability to pay. In the fiscal year 2018, direct relief provided material and financial support to more than 1,300 community health providers in 70 countries. This includes the u.s., where direct relief operates the nation's largest charitable medicine program for community health centers and nonprofit clinics in all 50 states. As a result of direct relief's support, organizations and health providers can focus their time and resources on expanding and improving their services instead of procuring medicine and supplies.

Disease Prevention and Treatment


To alleviate the disease burden in resource constrained communities around the world, direct relief supports a global network of locally-run health facilities with the medicines, medical supplies, and funding. In the fiscal year 2018, direct relief provided healthcare partners in 42 countries with 8.6 million courses of medication to treat conditions that include cancer, diabetes, hiv/aids, and rare diseases. Direct relief also supports programs to advance breast cancer awareness and early detection, hiv prevention and testing and cervical cancer screening, as well as comprehensive diabetes prevention and treatment programs that include assistance for children with type 1 diabetes.

Disaster Response


Direct relief, through its disaster response programs, addresses the needs of vulnerable communities before disasters strike by pre-positioning emergency medical materials with healthcare facilities in areas at risk from natural disasters. When disasters occur, direct relief leverages its network of healthcare providers to assess immediate needs, understand the situation, and respond quickly and precisely. Direct relief's efforts are always in response to specific requests from local partners and in accordance with national and international responders to avoid duplication of efforts and prevent logistical bottlenecks, and ensure the most efficient use of resources.


Angel Iscovich Md Chair
Mark Schwartz Vice Chair
Linda Gluck Treasurer/committee Chair
James Selbert Secretary/committee Chair
Pamela Gann Assistant Secretary
Thomas E. Tighe President & CEO
Bhupi Singh Evp, COO & CFO
Bitsy Becton Bacon Director
Dante Di Loreto Director
Steve Weintraub Director
David Brown Director
Patrick Fitzgerald Director
Charles Fenzi Md Director
Mark Linehan Director
Thomas Weisenburger Md Director
Byron Scott Md Director
Jeffrey Branch Director
Jane Olson Director
Steve Ainsley Director
Steven Amerikaner Director
Elizabeth Green Rn Director
Jamie Ruffing Phd Director
Thomas Sturgess Director
Patricia Aoyama Committee Chair
David Gibbs Phd Committee Chair
Siri Marshall Committee Chair
Michael Kelly Committee Chair
Dawn Long Director, IT & Quality
Donald Roane Director, Strategic Initia
Andrew Schroeder Director, Research & Analy
Heather Bennett Director, Partnerships & Philanthropy
Judy Partch Director, Administration
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