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The Dolphin Research Center is a dolphinarium on Grassy Key, Florida. The series of saltwater lagoons carved out of the shoreline is home to a family of dolphins and California sea lions. It features experiences where visitors can learn about marine mammals and the environment and also swim with, hand-signal, or enjoy other interactive programs with the dolphins.

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June 2019
+7% Growth
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Public Education


Programs ranging in length from 1 hour 1 week and varied in specific focus/depth of material and formation of dolphin research center training institute. All serve to develop an awareness for dolphin history,conservation issues and interactions with humans.



Investigations into dolphin physiology, development and behavior. Assistance to injured/ill manatees, collecting physical data. Providing various recreational motivational education programs for individuals with special needs. Field research program began in 2014 and continues to observe and identify populations of wild dolphins in the middle keys in monroe county, florida.



Providing regular publications containing a broad range of dolphin and conservation information, fostering concern for dolphins in general and issues that affect them.


Armando Rodriguez COO
Peggy Mcgill CFO
Susan Lindley Member
Celie Florence Member
Joanne Zimmerman Member
Rhoda Stevenson Chairman
Kimberly Perron Member
Rita Irwin CEO
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