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Ducks Unlimited Inc
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Ducks Unlimited is an American nonprofit organization 501 dedicated to the conservation of wetlands and associated upland habitats for waterfowl, other wildlife, and people. It has maintained a worldwide membership of about 700,000 since January 2013.

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June 2019
+5% Growth
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Ducks unlimited supports the life cycle of waterfowl in north america by developing, preserving, restoring and maintaining waterfowl habitat. Direct allocations are made to affiliated organizations - ducks unlimited canada ($11,172,896) and ducks unlimited mexico ($1,000,116).


Educating the public about wetlands and waterfowl management is a critical component of sustaining the life cycle needs of migratory waterfowl. Activities include wetlands demonstrations, educational literature, interpretive center, youth programs, and outdoor conservation exhibits.


Ducks unlimited provides member services to approximately 733,000 total members (including greenwings) through educational membership materials, ducks unlimited magazine, conservation brochures, and educational components of fundraising events.


Ducks unlimited maintains a public policy


Presence in washington, dc because of the


Critical importance of public policy to


Maintaining wetland and ecosystems that


Support migratory waterfowl


Paul R. Bonderson Jr. Chairman of the Board
Rogers Hoyt Jr. President
H. Dale Hall Chief Executive Officer
Doug Schoenrock First Vice President
Chuck Smith Secretary
Wendell W. Weakley Treasurer
Steve Maritz President, Wat
Mark F. Low Senior VP, Region 1
Clay Rogers Senior VP, Region 2
David Flink Senior VP, Region 3
Steve Cook Senior VP, Region 4
Jim Talbert Senior VP, Region 5
Scott C. Crawford Senior VP, Region 6
Julian T. Ottley Senior VP, Region 7
Robert J. Gokey Senior VP, Region 8
Christine Thomas Senior VP ,conservatism Prog
Ronal Roberson Senior VP, Youth & Education
Douglas D. Frey Senior VP, Development
Connie Parker Senior VP, Business Planning
Shawn De Cento Senior VP, Event & Volun Mgmt
Robert S. Hester Senior VP, Corporate Relations
Joe Mazon Senior VP, Mark/communications
Kathy Christian Senior VP, Membership
Al Montna Senior VP, Public Policy
Gary Salmon Senior VP, Technology
Paul Boehne Regional VP, Region 1
Tom Enos Regional VP, Region 1
Jeff Heidelbauer Regional VP, Region 2
Howard M. Johnson Regional VP, Region 2
Bob Spoerl Regional VP, Region 3
Nels Swenson Regional VP, Region 3
David C. Victory Regional VP, Region 4
William O. Hamill Regional VP, Region 4
Bill Sarafin Regional VP, Region 5
Galen L. Johnson Regional VP, Region 5
Louis A. Caputo Regional VP, Region 6
Brian Dillon Regional VP, Region 6
Jay Taylor Regional VP, Region 7
Jim Cerza Jr. Regional VP, Region 7
Rusty Legg Regional VP, Region 8
William Ansell Regional VP, Region 8
Pete Albrecht At-large Member of the Bod
Harold Cannon Jr. At-large Member of the Bod
Linda Daugherty At-large Member of the Bod
George H. Dunklin Jr. At-large Member of the Bod
Jerry Harris At-large Member of the Bod
Dave Hinman At-large Member of the Bod
Larry Jensen At-large Member of the Bod
Tom Jernigan At-large Member of the Bod
Tammi Kircher At-large Member of the Bod
Peter T. Macgaffin At-large Member of the Bod
Edward May At-large Member of the Bod
Jay Owen At-large Member of the Bod
Rex Shulz At-large Member of the Bod
Michael Scuse At-large Member of the Bod
Sam Smolik At-large Member of the Bod
Pepper Snyder At-large Member of the Bod
Joe Stough At-large Member of the Bod
Mike Woodward At-large Member of the Bod
Jan Young At-large Member of the Bod
James Couch Ducks Unlimited Canada
Kevin Harris Ducks Unlimited Canada
David Blom Ducks Unlimited Canada
John Tomke Dumac
Mickey Mcmillin Dumac
E. Nichols Wiley Chief Conservation Officer
Earl H. Grochau Cfo/cao
Daniel P. Thiel Executive Secr/coo Wat
Amy A. Batson Chief Fundraising Officer
Thomas W. Fulgham Chief Communications Officer
Govan S. Hornor Chief Information Officer
Margaret Emma Everson Chief Policy Officer
Wayne A. Dierks Director of Human Resources
Thomas E. Moorman Chief Scientist/interim CCO
Paul R. Schmidt Chief Conservation Officer
Source: IRS 990