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Earthjustice is a non-profit public interest organization based in the United States dedicated to litigating environmental issues. It is headquartered in San Francisco, has 14 regional offices across the United States, an International Program, a communications team, and a Policy & Legislation team in Washington, DC.

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Provide free legal representation, working through the courts on behalf of citizen groups, scientists, environmental and other organizations to ensure that government agencies and private interests follow the law.


Provide increased public, media, and policy maker awareness of environmental issues and the role of law in solving them.


Dotty Ballantyne Secretary
Fern Shepard Chair
N. Bruce Duthu Vice Chair at Large
Steve Daetz Treasurer & Vice Chair Finance
Jason Schwartz Vice President of Finance; Asst. Treasurer
Kenneth Mckenzie General Counsel; Asst. Secretary
Kristine Stratton Senior Vice President of Operations; Asst. Secretary
Aja Decoteau Trustee
Andrew Reich Trustee
Betty Schafer Trustee
Carmen G. Gonzalez Trustee
David Cox Trustee
Diane Lewis Trustee
Dianne Stern Trustee
Ed Lewis Trustee
Elizabeth Sutherland Riney Trustee
George Martin Trustee
Greg Serrurier Trustee
Janet Maughan Trustee
Kevin Toner Trustee
Leslie Williams Trustee
Lori Potter Trustee
Marcia Kunstel Trustee
Michael Sonnenfeldt Trustee
Nicola Miner Trustee
Patricia Pineda Trustee
Paul Newhagen Trustee
Peter Carson Trustee
Russell Daggatt Trustee
Stephen M. Unfried Trustee
Susan Britton Trustee
Tony Defalco Trustee
Tseming Yang Trustee
Vawter Buck Parker Trustee
Victor Hymes Trustee
Will Roush Trustee
Winsome Mcintosh Trustee
Donnell Van Noppen President
Abigail Dillen Vice President Litigation
Andrew Caputo Vice President Litigation
Margaret Marsh-heine Vice President Development
Minna Jung VP Communications
Charles Lopez Vice President Diversity & Inclusion
Christa Brothers Vice President Human Resources
Lisa Garcia Vice President Litigation
Martin Hayden Vice President Litigation
Stacey Geis Managing Attorney
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